Large Format LED UV Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer JFX200-2513


Large Format LED UV Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer


Large Format LED UV Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer

=The Entry Model of the Large Format LED-UV Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer=

Nagano, Japan, October 23, 2013

MIMAKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Tomi-city, Nagano-ken; President: Hisayuki Kobayashi) will launch "JFX200-2513" in December 2013, as an entry model of the Large Format LED-UV Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer. "JFX200-2513" is affordably priced, and targeted at sign graphics markets, including Europe, North America, Central America, South America, and Asia*1.
* 1: Sales in Japan is not planned.


  • Direct print onto the substrate of up to 4’ x 8’

  • Convenient design reflecting user’s perspectives

  • “Beautiful image quality” is achieved by a newly developed print head and MIMAKI’s unique print head control technology

  • Energy-efficient and long-lasting LED-UV lamps, and bottle ink supply accomplished eco-friendliness

◎Main Features

1. Direct print onto the substrate of up to 4’ x 8’

The table size of 2,500mm x 1,300mm enables printing directly on the board of 4’ x 8’ size (1,220mm x 2,440mm) which is commonly used for signboards. Moreover, JFX200-2513 can print on the thick media of up to 50mm height, which leads to expand business opportunities.

2. Convenient design reflecting user’s perspectives

The main equipments are all placed on the front
The operation panel, the vacuum valves and the ink supply system are placed on the front side of the printer. Most operations such as changing the media, switching vacuum, and replacing ink bottle can be done at the front of the main body.

JFX200-2513 Operation panel, Vacuum valves, Ink supply system

3. MIMAKI’s unique head control technology ensures high-definition and high-quality prints

Reduction of banding
MAPS II (Mimaki Advanced Pass System II) reduces banding by dispersing ink drops between passes. This technology delivers exceptional quality prints (*2).
* 2: Banding is horizontal lines which appear on boundaries of passes.

Variable dot size printing provides detailed image quality
Variable dot size printing ejects ink in three different drop sizes, allowing for producing fine print results without granular appearance.

Easy media setup with layout pins
When setting a substrate template on a flatbed, strict alignment had been required to check whether the media is not in-line with the printing surface, or whether the point of origin is aligned, etc.

Layout pins

4. Wide variety of UV inks to fulfill your requirements

Type Colors Features
LH-100 C/M/Y/K/W/Cl Excels in scratch and chemical resistance. Hard UV ink with fine color repeatability.
LUS-150 C/M/Y/K/W Newly developed UV ink offers 150% flexibility while providing lower operational costs during high-speed UV printing.
PR-100 Primer Primer ink (*3)

* 3: Primer ink is a pretreatment agent to improve ink adhesiveness.

5.Mimaki Green Technology Mimaki Green Technology logo

Inhibition of toxic substances generation
With the adoption of UV inks which generate little VOC (*4), and do not require an ozone-causing ultraviolet irradiation of short wavelength for its curing, no special ventilation is required.
* 4: VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.

LED-UV lamp
The long-lasting and the energy-efficient LED lamps are incorporated for the light source of ultraviolet. The low heat LED-UV lamps allow for printing on heat-sensitive substrates.

1L ink bottle supply system
The ink supply by 1 liter ink bottle contributes to reduce waste production, compared to the ink supply by ink cartridge system.

◎Main specifications

HeadOn-demand piezo head
Maximum print size2,500mm×1,300mm
Print speedColor4 colors (C/M/Y/K)4 colors + white (C/M/Y/K+W)
High speed mode25m2/h12.5m2/h
Standard mode15m2/h6m2/h
High-quality mode7m2/h2m2/h
InkSupply system1L bottle supply system
Ink circulationMCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology)(White ink only)
MediaSize2,500mm × 1,300mm
Height50mm or less
Weight50kg or less
Power supply specificationSingle phase AC 200 to 240V  15A or less
Power consumption3.6kVA
Operating environmentTemperature : 15℃ to 30℃; Humidity 35 to 65%Rh (Non condensation)
Outside dimension (W×D×H)/Weight4,400×2,200×1,250mm / 670kg or less

* Specifications, design and dimensions stated in this release may be subject to change without prior notice.

◎Shipment commences : December 2013

* Sales in Japan is not planned.

◎About Mimaki

Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets. Mimaki develops the complete product range for each group; hardware, software and the associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades. Mimaki excels in offering innovative, high quality and high reliability products, based upon its aqueous, solvent and UV-curable inkjet technology. In order to meet a wide range of applications in the market, Mimaki pursues the development of advanced on-demand digital printing solutions. Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd., (President: Hisayuki Kobayashi) Nagano (Japan), is publicly listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange, Inc.

◎Contact details :

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.
Global Marketing Department
Zip code: 389-0512
Address: 2182-3, Otsu, Shigeno, Tomi, Nagano
Tel: +81-(0)268-64-2281, Fax: +81 (0)268-64-2285

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