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Large-scale 3D printer

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- Innovating sign graphics creation with large-sized/high-speed 3D printing -

Nagano, Japan, March 31st, 2020

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Mimaki), Headquartered in Nagano Prefecture, Tomi City; President, Kazuaki IKEDA, announced the release of “3DGD-1800”, large-scale 3D printer oriented to the creation of three-dimensional and formative signages, available from April 1st, 2020.


3DGD-1800 | Product information

Conventional large-sized objects are basically handcrafted by sculpting foam materials. The process is costly and time consuming and requires significant expertise. The newly announced “3DGD-1800” allows for production of three-dimensional objects without such expertise by utilizing 3D digital data.

Featuring the “Gel Dispensing Printing” technology, “3DGD-1800” extrudes gel-type UV curable resin lineally, laminating layers instantly by curing the resin with ultraviolet irradiation. Contrary to hot-melt lamination method involving the thermal treatment of resin, three-dimensional objects are possible to create swiftly. Printing speed of up to 350mm in height per hour (*1) enables the creation of objects vastly faster than conventional handcrafting, significantly reducing the necessary production time once the original 3D data becomes available.

“3DGD-1800” realized ‘support-less’ molding that does not require support materials during output.
The hollowed-out interior can accommodate frameworks and reinforcement to enhance the strength of created objects. This facilitates the application of the product to the creation of three-dimensional signage and life-sized figures. Thanks to the applying of light transmittable material of created objects, internally illuminated signage housing LED modules can be presented.
Since the printed objects are white in color, additional decor may be applied to the exterior as a finishing touch with Mimaki inkjet printers to produce impressive three-dimensional signages.

Building upon the expertise gained in the manufacture of full color wide-format inkjet printers, Mimaki Engineering intends to lead the sign graphics industry in two- and three-dimensional signages with the inclusion of the new “3DGD-1800”.

(*1) Vertical speed when printing 1m diameter cylinder (hollow)


1. Easy production of large-sized objects

  • Capable of printing objects up to 1.8 meters in height
  • Assembly-based design allows for the creation of super-sized objects exceeding the size of the printing area
  • Dual-head configuration enables simultaneous output of two different structures, reducing production time.

2. Overwhelming speed

  • Printing speed of up to 350mm in height per hour with “Gel Dispensing Printing” (*2)
  • Three times the processing speed of conventional FFF-type 3D printers (*3)
  • Completes figures 1.8m tall in just 7 hours

3. Hollowed structures facilitating additional processing

  • Hollow interior reduces object weight for the ease of carrying and transport
  • Interior-illuminated signage is crafted by housing LED modules within objects
  • Reinforcement with urethane or armatures accommodated within the object for enhanced durability

4. Utilization of 3D data opens potentials for application

  • Effortless 3D object creation without the need for expertise as long as the data is available
  • Completed image of objects can be shared with clients using the 3D data before production
  • Objects output in various sizes from a single object data

5. Potential for wide-spread applications

  • Creation of super-sized 3D POP displays without complex handcrafting requirements
  • Various decorations applied to the object surface for additional touch upon combination with Mimaki inkjet printers
  • Copies can be made from original objects using 3D scanners (*4)

(*2) Vertical speed when printing 1m diameter cylinder (hollow)
(*3) Result from our research as of March 2020
(*4) The 3DGD-1800 does not have a scan function, so a 3D scanner is required separately


  • Large-sized 3D signages, life-sized displays
  • Event decorations, character creation
  • Illuminated displays
  • Creative art
  • Interior design
  • Movie props and sets
  • Molds for vacuum forming
  • Mock-ups of large products

Application example (image)

Application example (image)


3D printing methodGel Dispensing Printing / Dual print
Nozzle size (dia.)1.8 / 2.6 mm (Replaceable)
Max. printing size / WeightW1,450 × D1,110 × H1,800 mm / 150 kg
Printing speed (*5)Height 350 mm/h
Layer pitchNormal1.3 mm
Quality1.0 mm
High Resolution0.8 mm
Printing materialMG-100W (White UV curable resin)
3D data formatstl, obj, 3ds, ply, blend
Slicer software3DGD Slicer
Air pressure600 to 800 kPA
Power consumption10kW (Printing)
Temperature16 to 30 degC.
Dimensions (W x D x H)3,000 × 2,200 × 2,800 mm
Weight2,500 kg

(*5) Vertical speed when printing 1m diameter cylinder (hollow)

Note: Specifications, designs, dimensions, and other information described in this document are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.


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3DGD-1800 | Product information

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