Announcement on the release of "3DUJ-2207" - Compact Full Color UV Inkjet 3D Printer


Compact Full Color UV Inkjet 3D Printer

3DUJ-2207 ロゴ

Entry level full color 3D printer that is both space saving and high definition


Nagano, Japan, November 5, 2020

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, President / Kazuaki Ikeda), which provides industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters, and 3D printers, has added a compact full-color 3D printer with full-color modeling of more than 10 million colors to their lineup. The "3DUJ-2207" has been announced and is scheduled to be sold worldwide from January 2021.

The global 3D printer market is expanding yearly, and total sales of machines and printing materials is expected to grow to over 600 billion yen in the next few years*1. Although the market for full-color 3D printers is still small, the demand for 3D printers capable of printing and modeling in full color is expected to continue to grow. Printing services that output models from 3D game data, such as virtual characters, and the development of 3D scanning into an easy to use tool, create this demand for color 3D printing. On the other hand, conventional high-definition full-color 3D printers are expensive and have a large footprint, making them difficult to install.

The "3DUJ-2207" is a 3D printer with full-color modeling capabilities, able to produce more than 10 million colors through the UV curing inkjet method, which achieves high-definition color expression that is about twice that of the binder jetting (plaster powder) method. The "3DUJ-2207" has a compact design, can be loaded into an elevator without disassembling, has a small footprint and a quiet design with a deodorizer*2, making it ideal for installation in office environments.

For example, when manufacturers are developing new products, they need an environment that enables them to quickly create not only the shape but also the color image of the product. Our "3DUJ-2207" can output in full color, so the prototypes can be quickly formed without the need for coloring and can be produced in-house. In addition, there is no need to outsource, which reduces the risk of leakage of new products, design and technical information.

With high-quality, high-definition modeling of 10 million colors, production of precise prototypes that can impress through subtle color differences in industrial design, such as figure and toy designs, architectural models, home appliances, etc., can be achieved.

Mimaki’s 3D printers utilize the technology cultivated in the development of high-quality industrial 2D inkjet printers to achieve full-color modeling of more than 10 million colors. Now, complex shapes that were once impossible to color by hand can be modeled in full, richly expressive color. The new "3DUJ-2207" demonstrates the same number of colors and molding accuracy as our high-end UV-curable inkjet 3D printer "3DUJ-553". In addition, while maintaining high performance, the modeling area has been reduced from W: 508mm x D: 508mm x H: 305mm of the "3DUJ-553" to W: 203mm x D: 203mm x H: 76mm, creating a compact machine.

With this significant reduction in size, Mimaki is able to supply it at an affordable price, about 1/5th that of the "3DUJ-553". The compact "3DUJ-2207" which is capable of modeling in a full 10 million colors, is available to customers who have given up on the idea of introducing a high-definition full-color 3D printer.

At Mimaki Engineering, the "3DUJ-2207" has not only been created for product mockups within manufacturing, but also for small scale production of collectable figures, models in educational, architecture, medical care, and design offices. Mimaki is also focusing on developing demand for the modeling of end products such as trinkets and collectables.

*1 Our estimate based on the results of a third-party survey
*2 Deodorizer is an option (sold separately)


  • High-definition, affordable, low-priced, small footprint machine
  • Demonstrates the same number of colors and modeling accuracy as 3DUJ-553
  • The affordable price makes the introduction of a high-definition full-color 3D printer a realistic option
  • A compact machine that can be carried up to higher floors on an elevator (no need to disassemble and carry in)
  • Can be installed in an office environment with a quiet design and an optional deodorizer
  • Post-processing such as overcoating and drilling/mounting screws is possible

Formnext 2020 Virtual Exhibition

The "3DUJ-2207" will be exhibited virtually at Europe's largest 3D printing technology exhibition featuring 3D printers from all over the world.
[Date] November 10th (Tuesday) to 13th (Friday), 2020
[Venue] Online (Germany)

Main Features

1. High Definition Full Color 3D Modeling

Modeling by color ink (CMYK,White,Clear) can achieve 84% of the Fogra 39L color gamut and cover 90% of SWOP gamut. With a color binder jet 3D printer, powder (plaster) appears on the surface, resulting in a whitish color, but using the UV curable inkjet method, the "3DUJ-2207" has beautiful color expression due to modeling with highly transparent color ink.

2. Freedom of expression with full color plus clear

In addition to transparent expression using clear ink, translucent color expression is possible by using clear ink and color ink at the same time. By combining color ink and clear ink, the possibilities of design are greatly expanded.

Freedom of expression with full color plus clear: Data by Nobuaki Fukui

Data by Nobuaki Fukui (Left)

3. Bringing together Mimaki technology. Elaborate modeling expression

High droplet accuracy cultivated by 2D knowhow

Mimaki’s unique waveform control technology and high-precision ink ejection technology, which has been cultivated through the development of industrial inkjet printers requiring high image quality, allow ink to land accurately at the targeted location. With this high landing accuracy, elaborate models with attention to detail can be realized.

Five Storied Pagoda (Gojyunoto) Modeling (Height) 170 mm: Comparison - Japanese coin (jpy5.-) dia. 22 mm The coin is not a 3D model.

Five Storied Pagoda (Gojyunoto) Modeling (Height) 170 mm: Comparison - Japanese coin (jpy5.-) dia. 22 mm The coin is not a 3D model.

4. Variable dot function that leads to modeling with less graininess

Equipped with a variable dot function that separates ink into three dot sizes at a time, it always models with the optimum droplet size. This enables beautiful gradation expression with less graininess and high-precision full-color modeling.

3D  full-color modeling sample (Color chart): Beautiful gradation expression with less graininess and high-precision

5. Overcoat and drilling are also possible. Excellent post-workability

The ink uses acrylic resin and has the same strength as ABS, making it possible to drill holes and attach screws. In addition, overcoats can be used, making it possible to finish the final product for a different look.

Image when using overcoat

By using an overcoat, the surface will be smoother and the weather resistance will be improved.

Overcoat (Before / After)

Screw installation image

With the screws fixed, it is strong enough to withstand a pulling force of 5 kg.

Drilling / Tapping and drilling / 5 kg loading

6. Easy processing for high usability

Support material that dissolves in water. For a beautiful finish without hassle

Water-soluble ink is used for support material required during modeling. The support material can be removed by immersing in water and does not require manual removal. Even with a delicate design, the support material can be easily removed without damaging the modeled object.

Removing support material

Removing support material

(The removal time of the support material varies depending on conditions such as the size and shape of the modeled object.)

Modeled object after removing support material

Modeled object after removing support material

By removing the support material between the dragon and the sphere it holds, a gap is created between the dragon and the sphere, making it possible to design the sphere to rotate.


Modeling method UV curable inkjet
Available color number Full color
More than 10 million different colors
Print head On-demand piezo head (2 heads inline)
InkType/Color Modeling ink: MH-100 (C, M, Y, K, White, Clear)
Support material ink: SW-100
Supply style 1L Bottle
Available modeling area
(W × D × H)
203 × 203 × 76 mm (8 × 8 × 3 in), 5 kg or less *3
UV Device UVLED System
3D data format STL, OBJ, VRML, PLY, 3MF
(standard attachment)
Layout Slicer: Mimaki 3D Link
Driver Software: Mimaki Printer Driver
Interface Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Noise Level Standby: 55 dB or less (FAST-A, front/rear/left/right 1 m)
Continuous operation: 65 dB or less
Discontinuous operation sound: 70 dB or less
Power supply Single-phase (AC100-120V/220-240V±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz) ×1
Safety standard VCCI class A, FCC class A, UL62368-1,
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, and Machinery directive),
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,355 × 1,290 × 856 mm (53.3 × 50.8 × 33.7 in) *4
Weight Main Unit: 140kg (308.6 lb)

*3 With support material / The maximum build size must be within the buildable area and below the maximum weight.
*4 Dedicated stand and deodorizer are optional (sold separately).
*5 Specifications, designs, dimensions, and other information stated in this list may be subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.

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