Reuse of colored polyester textile with discharging technology of dye sublimation ink. Introducing "Neo-Chromato Process" for promoting cyclical-textile industry: Beyond re-cycle "Reuse" of textile - Toward an even smaller Circular Economy Industry


"Neo-Chromato Process" for promoting cyclical-textile industry

Nagano, Japan, June 6, 2023

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tomi-shi, Nagano Pref.; President: Kazuaki Ikeda), specializing in industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters and 3D printers, is to introduce "Neo-Chromato Process*" that is a technology to reuse the colored polyester textile by discoloring dye-sublimation ink and will exhibit its technology at ITMA (Milan, Italy) the first in the world to promote the sustainability of the textile industry by introducing cyclical textile technology.  
*The name is derived from a phenomenon in which sublimation dyes, which are not supposed to fall off, seep out of fibers and are transferred to other materials like chromatography

The recent increase in people’s awareness of sustainability has led to massive disposal of textile materials, which has become a social issue. Worldwide, annual production of textile materials amounts to 113 million tons, and wasted amounts to 92 million tons, of which polyester textiles account for about 60%*. It is the mission of the textile industry to reduce the environmental impact of textile materials, especially polyester textiles, which make up the majority of textile, through their effective use.
*Our own research

Currently, colored polyester textile is mainly used for short-term event (banners, hanging screens, backlit signs and tablecloths), retailed fashion apparels and sportswear, most of which are incinerated after use. Some portions are recycled (collected, grinded, washed, then refined into raw materials and re-dyed), however the recycling rate is only 15%. In addition, an enormous amount of energy is used to recycle them.

The "Neo-Chromato Process", a discoloring technology for dye sublimation inks, which we are announcing, not only eliminates the need for incineration by reusing polyester textile by changing colors and patterns, but also contributes to reducing the energy required for recycling. In addition, absorbent paper (absorbent material) that has absorbed ink and decoloring solvents can be disposed of as burnable waste, minimizing water use and water pollution from wastewater. The "Neo-Chromato Process" is a sustainable technology for the textile industry.

Colored polyester textile soaked with decolorizing chemical

Colored polyester textile soaked with decolorizing chemical

Decolored polyester by absorbent paper and heat press

Decolored polyester by absorbent paper and heat press

We are working to commercialize practical conditions and solution using the "Neo-Chromato Process", and we will continue to communicate with retail brands (for reuse of store signage fabric) and apparel brands (for reuse of clothing fabric) to verify the potential of this technology.

Primary features of the "Neo-Chromato Process"

  • Polyester fabrics dyed by dye sublimation (transfer) can be decolored
  • Decolorization is possible through a process that uses almost no water, resulting in near-zero industrial wastewater
  • Printing and dyeing can be done immediately on decolored fabrics, and the color pattern can be changed as many times as necessary

Exhibition overview

Name: ITMA 2023 (International Textile Machinery Exhibition)
Exhibition Dates: Thursday, June 8 - Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Venue: Fiera Milano RHO (Milan, Italy)
Booth: H7-C304

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