Mimaki introduces Stretchable UV-curable ink “LUS-350”


Stretchable UV-curable ink that expands your possibilities

Nagano, Japan (April 19, 2016)

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a global industry leader and manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, announced today that it will launch a new UV-curable ink, LUS-350, in May 2016. LUS-350 is a highly durable yet flexible high-performance ink that has incomparable elasticity together with excellent hardness. LUS-350 ink can be loaded into Mimaki inkjet printers, UJF-7151plus and JFX200-2513, and makes it possible to decorate not only flexible materials but also materials to be used for vacuum molding processes.

LUS-350 ink stretches up to 350% at high temperature and restores its rigidity at room temperature, achieving a level of durability that only a UV-curable ink can offer. Previously, vacuum molded products had to be printed after molding, by screen printing or other methods. This ink provides a beautiful finish on molded products such as automotive components and molded signs because it enables printing on the substrate before the molding process. LUS-350 ink supports your business growth by opening up a wide range of new creative possibilities.

Product Outline

Extreme stretchability—up to 350%

After printing, LUS-350 ink can stretch up to 350% when heated to between 120 and 200℃. The ink restores its rigidity after cooling down to room temperature, while maintaining the molded shape and its durability. Seemingly contradictory characteristics, rigidity and stretchability, are combined in one no-compromise ink for producing finished prints that are both beautiful and durable.

Print on the flat substrate before the molding process

Previously, molded products were decorated after molding by screen printing or other methods. The LUS-350 ink doesn’t crack after molding and thereby enables printing on the substrate before molding processes, including vacuum, TOM or other molding techniques. Ideal applications include automotive components, molded signs, mockups and more.

FIG.1: Automotive component sample

FIG.1: Automotive component sample

FIG.2: Molded sign sample

FIG.2: Molded sign sample

Molding without losing delicate decorative texture

Intricate textures of decorative fine prints are retained even after molding. Furthermore, raised areas of thickly applied ink and double/triple layer printing also stay intact without cracking.

FIG.3: Vacuum molding sample

FIG.3: Vacuum molding sample

Moldable clear ink is also included in the lineup

In addition to color inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White), Mimaki offers a clear ink*1 as part of the LUS-350 lineup that’s unlike anything else in the market. This clear ink can add unique textures or a glossy finish that can’t be obtained by printing with color ink alone.
*1: As of April 19, 2016, the clear ink can be loaded into the UJF-7151 plus.


Compatible printer

ModelFirmwareInk setting
UJF-7151 plusVer.1.6 and higherBlack, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, White, Clear
JFX200-2513Ver.2.0 and higherBlack, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, White

*Please install firmware that supports LUS-350 ink. Please call Mimaki authorized technician for firmware installing.

LUS-350 UV-curable ink

ColorItem numberPackage / Volume
BlackI-LUS35-K-BA-1-KWBottle / 1L

Compatible RIP software

Product nameVersion
RasterLink6Ver. 4.14 and higher


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LUS-350 Leaflet

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