Mimaki introduces "Kebab MkII" and "Kebab MkII L" options which can be installed to the UV inkjet printer "UJF-3042MkII," "UJF-6042MkII," "UJF-7151 plus"


360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products

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Nagano, Japan (December 5, 2016)
Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano Prefecture, Japan; President and Representative director: Kazuaki Ikeda) announces that it will launch "Kebab MkII" and "Kebab MkII L" options which can be installed to the UV inkjet printer "UJF-3042MkII," "UJF-6042MkII," "UJF-7151 plus" and enable printing 360-degree directly on various cylindrical objects.

"Kebab MkII," "Kebab MkII L" is an option unit of the highly-accuracy, high-image quality, high-production and high-performance flatbed UV inkjet printer "UJF-7151 plus," specially developed for the new model, released in 2016, flatbed UV inkjet printer "UJF-3042MkII," "UJF-6042MkII." Using the rotary rollers, the Kebab option rotates the object, allowing printing on the entire surface of the cylindrical item.

The Kebab option, "Kebab MkII" and "Kebab MkII L," enables printing on various cylindrical objects with length ranging from 300mm, in the case of "UJF-3042MkII," to maximum 600mm, in the case of "UJF-6042MkII." The option "Kebab MkII L" can also be installed on “UJF-7151 plus.” Minimum and maximum diameter of cylindrical products range is from 10mm to 110mm, and it can includes wine and water bottles, seals, candles etc., making possible printing single on-demand original products.

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Applicable objects

Applicable objects


Wine bottles / Candles / Seal

* Some of sample images are simulated.


Table of contentsKebab MkIIKebab MkII L
Compatible printer modelUJF-3042MkIIUJF-6042MkII
UJF-7151 plus
Rotary degree of printing materialOver ±360°degree
Rotation systemRollers
Rotation resolutionApproximately 7.0μm
Applicable objectsCylindrical objects (uneven surface may affect rotation)
Applicable roundnessUnder 0.5mm (0.01in)
*Accuracy is not guarantee
Printable sizeLength:30mm-300mm (1.1in-11.8in)
Diameter:10mm-110mm (0.3in-4.3in)
*When the diameter is less than 64mm, attach a suction table
30mm-600mm (1.1in-23.6in)
Diameter:10mm-110mm (0.3in-4.3in)
*When the diameter is less than 64mm, attach a suction table
Printable areaFeeding direction (X)Entire surface of the material
Print head moving direction (Y)Under 300mm(11.8in)Under 600mm(23.6in)
Maximum weight of print materialSmall diameter: under1.5 kg
Large diameter: under 2 kg
Small diameter: under1.5 kg
Large diameter: under 2 kg
Feeding accuracyFeeding 2mm, less than ±50μm error
*When in standard mode
InterfaceExclusive connector
Compliant standardVCCI Class A / FCC Class A / Safety standard /
Temperature20-35°C (68-95°F)
Relative humidity35-65%Rh
Recomended Temperature20-25℃(68–77 °F), Allowable rate of change of temperature:Under±10℃/h(±50°F/h)
DustGeneral office level
WeightApproximately 3kg(6.6lb)Approximately 6kg(13.2lb)
Dimensions (W x D x H)366mm×301mm×50mm

*Specifications, designs, dimensions, etc. described may be changed without notice due to technical improvement etc.

Applicable version

ModelSupported RIP softwareSupported firmware
UJF-3042MkII + Kebab MkIIRasterLink6 ver5.10 and laterver2.0 and later
UJF-6042MkII + Kebab MkII LRasterLink6 ver5.10 and laterver2.0 and later
UJF-7151 plus + Kebab MkII LRasterLink6 ver5.12 and later (plan)ver2.0 and later (plan)

Compatible Printer Model

For Kebab MkII


The new model is an upgraded from the popular model "UJF-3042FX/HG." Production speed, beauty results, compatibility are more powerful. It is an evolved desktop type flatbed UV inkjet printer that creates new and high values. A3 size and height of up to 153 mm is possible.
UJF-3042MkII | Product page


For Kebab MkII L


The new model is an upgraded from the popular model "UJF-6042MkII". Achieves a top-level printing speed of up to 3.52m2/h* Comparing with the conventional models, the new model increase the productivity up to 20%. A2 size and height of up to 153mm is possible.
*Print conditions: 6-color, draft mode, 600 × 600 dpi, 8Pass
UJF-6042MkII | Product page


UJF-7151 plus

"High performance UV inkjet printer" with high ink landing accuracy and beautiful prints made possible through Mimaki's original technology. A class top level productivity model which can print on "Kikuhime" standard size, mainly used in screen printing.
UJF-7151 plus | Product page

UJF-7151 plus


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