How to handle when FineCut CD-ROM cannot be read with macOS Sierra (10.12) at the time of FineCut9 serial key issue.


This document describes how to recognize and read FineCut CD-ROM on macOS Sierra (10.12).

1. Insert FineCut CD-ROM into CD-ROM drive.
2. Open Finder and start [Disc Utility] by following directions below.
[Application] > [Utilities] > [Disk Utilities]

3. Select grayed out FineCut CD-ROM (“FC******”), and open [Contextual Menu] by holding down [Control] key while clicking the mouse, then select [Image from “FCxxxxxxxx”] to save the image on the desktop.
*Please do not select the drive displayed above the FineCut 8 CD-ROM ("FC ******"). If you select it and create an image file, the file cannot be mounted correctly.

4. Select [Desktop] as the storage place. After selecting [DVD / CD master] in the format, click the [Save] button.

5. The dialog box is displayed. Enter User Name and Password and press [OK]

6. Press [Done] when the disk image creation is completed.

7. Select the image file created on the desktop, open the context menu with the [Control] key + clicking, and then select [Get Info].

8. The image file information is displayed. Set "Read only" for the access privileges of "User name (Me)" of "Sharing & Permissions:".

9. Double-click the image file on the desktop to mount it.

FineCut CD-ROM is recognized on mac OS Sierra.
Start the FineCut9 Serial Key Issue Tool.

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