[Notice]How to deal with the trouble that FineCut8 can’t install at Illustrator CC, in the case of both Illustrator CC and Illustrator CC 2014 are installed on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.


Please follow instructions to continue in such a case.

Instructions to install FineCut at Illustrator CC

1. Move [Adobe Illustrator CC 2014] folder inside of [Applications] to the Trash temporarily.
 1)Select [Applications]-[Adobe Illustrator CC 2014], Hold down Ctrl key, Select the “Move to Trash” in the menu.

2. Start FineCut8 installer, select Illustrator CC with normal instructions, and install FineCut.
After completing of the installation, [Adobe Illustrator CC] folder will be open, please confirm FineCut has installed at Illustrator CC.

3. Put back Illustrator CC 2014 which you moved to Trash at instruction 1.
 1) Open the [Trash].
 2) Select [Trash]-[Adobe Illustrator CC 2014], when it selected with blue color, Hold down Ctrl key and click [Adobe Illustrator CC 2014] again. Select “Put Back” in the menu.

3) Please confirm Illustrator CC 2014 will start normally.

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