SimplePOP upgrade installation from previous version


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This section describes how to upgrade and install the environment such as templates and user settings added in Simple POP Ver1.0 to Simple POP Ver2.0.


■ SimplePOP Ver2.0


  1. Execute [MSP200.EXE] in the folder.
    *Please install Simple POP Ver2.0 without uninstalling Simple POP Ver1.0.
  1. Select [Install Simple POP V2.0] from the installation menu.

  1. Uninstallation confirmation of the previous version is displayed. Click [Yes].
  2. The Windows installer is displayed. Click [Yes]. Uninstallation of Ver1.0 completes.

  1. A license deactivation notice appears during the uninstallation process. Click [Next].
    *[Delete the serial key information] does not need to be checked, as the serial key for the old version can also be used with the new version.

  1. Installation of Ver2.0 by following the wizard.

  1. After the installation completes, a confirmation of the environment migration is displayed. Click [Yes].

This completes the installation of Simple POP Ver2.0.
Please start Simple POP Ver2.0 and activate the license.

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