Keyspan Driver install procedure for macOS Big Sur (11) / Monterey (12)


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To use the USB serial conversion adapter (USA-19HS / USA-19HS-C) on macOS Big Sur (version 11) / Monterey (version 12), install of the Keyspan driver is needed.

The procedure to install the Keyspan driver is described below.


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Keyspan Driver install procedure

  1. Version check and update of macOS

*When using macOS Monterey (version 12) or later, proceed to step 2.
Check that the macOS Big Sur version is 11.4 or later.

① Select [Apple Menu]-[About this Mac].

*If the version of macOS Big Sur is less than 11.4, the Keyspan driver is not available.
  In this case, update the OS from [Software Update].


  1. Download of Keyspan driver

Download the Keyspan driver from the following URL.

File name: USA-19HS/USA-19HS-C Driver (Mac OS Big Sur and Monterey)


  1. Layout of the Keyspan driver

Move the Keyspan driver to the [Applications] folder.

① Select [Go]-[Applications].
② Drag and drop the Keyspan driver [Install USA19H Driver] into the [Applications] folder.


  1. Keyspan driver execution privilege change

Change the execution privileges of the Keyspan driver.

① Select [Go]-[Utilities] in Finder.
② Select [Utilities]-[Terminal] to start the terminal.


③ Enter the following command at the terminal and execute the command by pressing the Return key.

Command: chmod -R 755 /Applications/Install\ USA19H\ 

*You can enter it by clicking the [Copy] button and selecting [Edit]-[Paste] in the terminal.
*When entering commands directly, enter the one-byte backslash [\] before the one-byte space.

④ Close the terminal.


  1. Install of the Keyspan driver

① Double-click the Keyspan driver [Install USA19H Driver] placed in the [Applications] folder.
  A warning message appears. Select [Open].


② Select [Install USA19H Dext].
  A warning message is displayed. Select [Open Security Preferences].


③ In [Security & Privacy], select the Key icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  You will be asked to unlock [System Preferences]. Enter the password to unlock.


④ Confirm that [Allow apps downloaded from] (in the orange frame) is activated, and then select [Succeeded].
  Confirm that the status of the Keyspan driver is [Succeeded], select [Red Circle] on the upper left, and close the screen.

This completes the installation of the Keyspan driver.

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