JV300/150, CJV300/150 series Request for updating firmware


Regarding JV300/150 and CJV300/150 series, countermeasure firmware against error troubles was released. (JV300/150: Ver.1.61, CJV300/150: Ver.1.51) We would like you to update firmware by yourself.
Please accept our sincere apologies for your inconvenience, and we will step up effort to improve quality.
Thank you for your cooperation.

[How to confirm the firmware version of your machine]

(1) Turn on the machine and press [FUNC1] button on LOCAL mode.
(2) Press [V (down)] key 4 times to select “INFORMATION” and press [ENTER] key.
(3) Press [V (down)] key once to select “VERSION” and press [ENTER] key.

(4) Confirm the firmware version.

[How to upgrade the firmware]

1. When you are using Mimaki’s RIP software “RasterLink6”,
  Please upgrade by the function “Firmware Update” providing with RasterLink6.
  More information on the function, please check “Firmware Update Operation Manual”.

2. When you are using third-party RIP software,
  Please upgrade by “FW Version Updater 2.0 for JV300150[1.61] CJV300150[1.51]series”.

  It is available for downloading from here.
  (This tool is common to JV150, JV300, CJV150 and CJV300.)

  More information on the Tool, please check
  “FW Version Updater 2.0 for JV300150[1.61] CJV300150[1.51]series User Manual”.

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