The conditions of software for Adobe Illustrator2021

Supported OS/SW

* The following operating conditions are the results obtained by internal tests.
 Note that other problems may be occurred.
* The software other than listed in the following table does not support Adobe Illustrator 2021.
* Please confirm conditions between Illustrator version and OS in advance,
 and use Illustrator in guaranteed operating environment. 
  • Yes -> Functions normally.
  • Yes* -> Operable, but partially has problems.
  • No -> Cannot be used.
Product name Ver Operation Status Workaround Plan to support
FineCut9 for Illustrator

It operates normally.
RasterLinkTools for Illustrator

Cannot be installed. It cannot be installed in Illustrator 2021.
Please use the former version of Illustrator until a product which supports Illustrator 2021 will be released. March, 2021

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