Mimaki high resolution full color 3D printing creates exceptionally beautiful objects with vibrant colors.

Features of Mimaki 3D printer

Beautiful color expression

Reproduces vibrant and beautiful colors with more than 10 million colors
Clear ink broadens the range of color impression
Color profiles are applied for enhancing high color reproducibility

Elaborate modeling expression

Detailed piece is faithfully reproduced
Fine texts and images are faithfully represented
Smooth surface

Ink property

Excellent post process performance
-Over coating and drilling
Pursuit of easy fabrication
-Water soluble support material

Advanced 3D printing method

Full-color, UV-curable, 3D inkjet printing creates smooth surfaces with vibrant colors that enhance the value of a finished object.

Please slide the button to left to compare MIMAKI 3D & Plaster 3D.

Plaster method

3DUJ-553(UV curable inkjet method)

Comparison of finished objects

Number of colors Color brightness Degree of reproducibility Surface appearance Strength Print speed
3DUJ-553 10 million Good Good Good Good Pass
Plaster 6 million Bad Pass Bad Bad Good
Plaster 3DUJ-553
6 million Number of colors 10 million
Bad Color brightness Good
Pass Degree of reproducibility Good
Bad Surface appearance Good
Bad Strength Good
Good Print speed Pass


Mimaki full color 3D printer [3DUJ-553] applied the UV curable inkjet system utilized Mimaki's original technology, which was amassed in our development and manufacturing for inkjet printers of professional use during a long period.
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*1: Survey as of August, 2017 by Mimaki Engineering

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