Installing Mimaki 3D printer

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Specifications of Mimaki 3D printer

What is the printing method?

UV curable inkjet printing.
The printed layers of UV curable acrylic resin inks create an object.

What material is used to create an object?

Mimaki genuine acrylic resin ink.

Is the support material necessary for creating an object?

Yes, Mimaki 3D printer uses the support material.

Is it possible to reuse the support material?

No, it is not possible.

What is the layering pitch?

High speed mode: 42 μm, Standard mode: 32 μm, High definition mode: 20 μm

Is the ink reusable when the modeling is failed?

No, it is not reusable.

What is the expiry of ink?

It is about one year after manufacturing.

Is it available to execute multiple data of modeling?

It is available to have modeling by locating the multiple data by layout software.

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Is the software developed by Mimaki?

Layout software is developed by Mimaki.
Layout software: [Mimaki 3D Link]

Is [Mimaki 3D Link] an optional software ?

No, it is bundled to the printer.

What is the availabe 3D data format?

It is STL, OBJ, VRML, PLY and 3MF.

Is it possible to create a 3D data by [Mimaki 3D Link]?

No, it is not possible.

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3D model

What is the available size of modeling?

The available modeling area is X=508 mm (20 in), Y=508 mm (20 in) and Z=305 mm (12 in).
As modeling is including the support material area, the modeling size will be varied depending on its shape.

Is it possible to make an object hollow ?

Yes it is possible depending on the data.

How much weight will it be while modeling with the size of 500 x 500 x 300mm?

When the modeling is made in cuboid, it will weigh 80 kg approx.

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Mimaki full color 3D printer [3DUJ-553] applied the UV curable inkjet system utilized Mimaki's original technology, which was amassed in our development and manufacturing for inkjet printers of professional use during a long period.
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