Excellent post process performance

Acrylic binder is compounded in the ink to get the same hardness of ABS resin.

Excellent post process performance
Tapping and drilling

Post processing, such as tapping and drilling, can be applied to an object. This flexibility broadens the range of applications.

Note that flexibility and additional workability may depend on the shape of an object.

  • TappingTapping
  • Tapping and drillingTapping and drilling
5kg loading

5kg loading

It has the strength to bear 5 kg drawing force under tight screwing. Practical for applying a sign board.





Over coating will add a beautiful finish and a weather resistance to an object

Avaialbility of over coating can make a smoother surface and upgrade the weather resistance.

Pursuit of easy fabrication

Water soluble support material gives beautiful finishing with very simple operation

The water soluble substance is applied for the support material utilized together for modeling. It will be washed away by soaking in water instead of scratching off.
It is convenient to be able to remove the support material of delicate designed object without damage.

Water soluble support material gives beautiful finishing with very simple operation.

A space will be created in between the dragon and the ball
to have a design option to rotate the ball of dragon
by washing the support material there.

*The removing time of support material depends on size and modeling condition of object.


Mimaki full color 3D printer [3DUJ-553] applied the UV curable inkjet system utilized Mimaki's original technology, which was amassed in our development and manufacturing for inkjet printers of professional use during a long period.
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*1: Survey as of August, 2017 by Mimaki Engineering

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