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Manufacturing the "Original packages" with Mimaki UV printer!

Packaging materials that you find when a product has been delivered from shopping online.
With the spread of flea market apps and e-commerce, shipping packaging sizes are becoming more varying than before, and a tool for branding appeal.

Product packaging is the first thing that catches the eye when opening the packaging material.
The packed product can be made more attractive, and the feelings of the giver and the heart of the maker can be expressed.
There is an increasing need for “Original packaging” that cares about the customer experience when opening such packages.

With Mimaki inkjet printers, can make new proposals for various package production sites, such as the production of extremely small lots, proofreading of the main paper, comp production (mock-up creation), and more!
・Can manufacture from one-off items to mass-produced items.
・Strengthen product lineup through low-volume, high-mix manufacturing.
・Additional printing to off-the-shelf goods.
・Shorter lead times due to in-house manufacturing, etc.
We can meet all your needs!

UV printing is an environment-friendly printing method that can print on a variety media.

Can also create a small shipping package that is often used for delivery nowadays!

UJF-6042MkII e

UJF-7151 plusII

JFX200-2513 EX




What can be realized by digital UV printing

  • Color, size, and design can be changed quickly
  • Since no plate is required, can quickly change colors and sizes as well as photos and text. From prototype development to small-lot manufacturing, can respond in a short delivery time.

  • Metallic ink printing and digital foil processing using primer ink are possible.
  • Metallic color printing and digital foiling that add value are also possible. can add the package box a sense of originality and luxury!
    (Metallic ink is available with UJF-7151plus and plusII.)

  • Varnishing-like texture is possible with clear ink
  • Can choose matte or gloss with clear ink printing. Design and texture like varnished printing can be achieved.

Increase added value with silver metallic ink

A zipper treatment that makes it easier to unpack is available with a cutting plotter.

With FineCut, a plug-in software for Illustrator, output is easyCan easily be cut with the plug-in software FineCut9 for Adobe Illustrator!

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