Sample cut on the spot! Mimaki cutting plotter

A package that greatly affects the image of the goods.
Package design, which also adds value to goods, is one of the important factors that change consumers' purchasing motivation and goods value.

Printing and cutting are important for the design of such a package, but do you have any problems like these?
・It is difficult to make fine cuts by hand, so it takes time to create design samples.
・Want to easily check the actual assembly at the design stage.
・Want to make the cutting part in-house, but had given up because of the installation cost and installation space.

Mimaki cutting plotter CG-AR solve those problems.
With CG-AR that supports full cutting and ruling lines of thick paper, it is possible to create packages up to A3 size.
Since it will be possible to easily make prototypes, it will contribute to speeding up designing.

Of course, it can also be used as a roll-type cutting plotter!
The cutting plotter that enables many designs such as paper crafts, magnet stickers, stand POP, as well as letter sticker, labels, stickers goods.
At a price that is easy to implement, we support designers widely.

It is possible to manufacture packages of various shapes.

High quality full cuts are possible with the option for heavy paper cutting.

CG-AR Series

Options for heavy paper cutting that enable package design

What can be realized by implementing CG-AR

  • In-house cutting of package design
  • It is possible to create packages up to A3 size unfolded view.

  • Cut instruction can be issued from Fine Cut, an Illustrator plug-in.
  • Plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator is included as standard.
    Can use various functions such as creating contour cut data from images and extracting frames.

  • Goods other than packaging is also possible!
  • As a normal roll type cutting plotter,
    not to mention can also manufacture cut letters, stickers, paper crafts, etc.

With up to A3 size, you can also create packages with complicated shapes.

With FineCut, a plug-in software for Illustrator, output is easy!

The package of Sake bottle, Width / Depth / Height: 61 x 61 x 198 mm

The other package related products

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Flatbed UV printer "UJF-6042MkII e " that supports A2 size and height up to 153mm

Flatbed UV printer "UJF-7151 plusII" that can express gloss texture without clear ink

Click here for the page to package manufacturing with flatbed UV printers and flatbed cutting plotters!

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