Cushioning material

Can manufacture a cushion for storage and packing according to the shape of the object!

Cushion materials are used in a variety of applications because they can absorb shocks and can be deformed.
It used in our daily life, such as product packaging, protection during delivery, organization, and storage.
On the other hand, it is difficult to cut cleanly with a cutter or scissors, making processing difficult.
Have given up on using cushion materials for such reasons?
With Mimaki flatbed type cutting plotter CFL-605RT, can easily cut cushion materials and rubber materials!
Order-made products, high-mix low-volume products, and important tools can be transported in carefully packaging.

Why don't you use the sample cutter to create packaging for transporting your important products and for increasing the value of your products?
On this page, we will also introduce how to easily manufacture cushioning materials without CAD data.

Processing of cushion materials for packaging of products such as toys (photo example: educational toys)

Processing the cushion material for tidying up the desk

Compact flatbed cutting plotter CFL-605RT

Mimaki product introduced on this page is "CFL-605RT".
*By clicking the image of the machine, can refer the product page.

Why don't you stop cutting by hand and use a cutting plotter?

No need to worry about injury! Cuts material cleanly

Mimaki flatbed cutting plotter can easily and cleanly cut materials that are difficult to cut by hand.
Cushioning materials such as urethane foam, which are often used as cushioning materials, are thick and resilient.
It is difficult to cut by hand, and the cut surface maybe jagged but with the CFL-605RT, can cut cleanly without using a mold.

Even though its compact size, can cut not only cushion materials but also various materials.

Can cut various materials such as corrugated cardboard, foam boards, PET materials, etc., as well as different cushion materials such as foam rubber sheets.
This is because this single machine can handle reciprocating cutters (vertical vibration), tangential cutters (push cutting), eccentric cutters, and creasing rollers.
And this compact size of 1,320 mm x 1,045 mm x 1,100 mm makes it easy to install, so it can be used for various productions related to package production in a small space.

Flexible applies for various cut size and shape

Because it has specified as data, it can be cut into various sizes and shapes.
It is easy to manufacture it to fit the size of the item to be stored, also the shape too.
Even if the standard change makes the case unusable, it is possible to manufacture only the cushion inside.

Models and custom-made machines to meet various needs

And, Mimaki have a lineup of roll-type cutting plotters that can also manufacture packages and high-end models that meet customer needs.
Also, it is also possible to consult with custom-made machines for materials that cannot be handled with standard machines.
Please feel free to contact us.

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Make a package with CG-AR! For design prototyping and mockups!

Make a package with a flatbed printer and CFL-605RT!

Mimaki product line that supports package creation (Can browse the product page from the image click)

Flatbed UV Inkjet Printer "UJF Series"

Supports A3 size & 153 mm height "UJF-3042MkII e"

Supports A2 size & 153 mm height "UJF-6042MkII e"

High-performance model "UJF-7151 plusII"

Cutting Plotter

The entry-model of cutting plotter "CG-AR Series"

Suitable to cut 4x8 material (1,220 x 2,440mm / 4x8ft) Flatbed cutting plotter "CF22-1225"

Applicable product

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