Laptop skins

Let's make a Peel and Stick Laptop skins with LED-UV Print&Cut Inkjet Printer!

Today, the "new normal" life of COVID-19 is here to stay.
People are talking they have more time that face PC or tablet due to increase occasions of work from home and online schooling.

Laptop skins make those time more enjoyable and exciting. You can create your own original design with a fashionable feel, or can enjoy it as if you were dressing up according to your feeling and season.

Also, it protects laptops and tablets from scratches and keeps them clean, so it can be used not only for brand new but also for devices that have been used for many years.
It can be stuck with devices of various types and sizes.

For quickly and easily customizable laptop skin, leave it to the inkjet printer "UCJV300 Series" that can print and cut with one unit.

Print and cut can be done with a single operation, improving productivity.

No need for drying process after printing. This can handle from small lots to mass production

Can cut even complex shapes around the keyboard

Can print more vivid image expression with UV ink.

You can choose from "UCJV300 Series" full product lineup by depending on the purpose.

Full line up, from space saving model that printable up to 800mm width to large model that printable up to 1610mm width, such as large format sign, window decorations, and car wrapping

UV-LED inkjet printer UCJV300-75

UV-LED inkjet printer "UCJV300-75"

UV-LED inkjet printer UCJV300-107

UV-LED inkjet printer "UCJV300-107"

UV-LED inkjet printer UCJV300-130

UV-LED inkjet printer "UCJV300-130"

UV-LED inkjet printer UCJV300-160

UV-LED inkjet printer "UCJV300-160"

We have more examples, too! Application examples that can be manufactured with a UV-LED printer

Manufacturing a custom-print wallpaper that can be pasted and peeled off!

Can use clear ink with a UV-LED printer to manufacture a custom frosted glass-like film!

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