Frosted glass

"Frosted glass print" with UV ink!

Would you like to protect yourself from privacy invasion or sunlight with the custom frosted glass film? It is also useful for disaster prevention and crime prevention!
The custom frosted glass-like film can be manufactured by printing with clear ink on various functional films such as stickable type, shatterproof, UV cut, etc.
It is possible to make a rugged pattern, make it glossy tone, and print it in full color, too!

・Very small lots and original manufacturing are possible
・The enhancement of a lineup with high-mix low-volume manufacturing
・Accelerate new product development and prototype production. etc.

Can meet various requests!





A stained glass-like

The printed surface is viewed in different from different perspectives.

Custom design with color ink and textures.

What can be realized with digital printing

  • Rugged pattern
  • By printing clear UV ink on the surface of printed media, can realistically express the texture of the frosted glass. Since the amount of ink can be controlled with data, it is easy to adjust the transparency!

  • Color, size, and design can be changed quickly
  • Since no plate is required, the color and size can be changed quickly. Can also make additional prints on off-the-shelf products.

  • Only the required quantity can be produced
  • It is possible to manufacture only the required minimum quantity and to realize production according to sales, such as additional mass production of only the best-selling designs. Play an active part in small-lot, high-mix production!

UV printer utilization example

Easy window decoration using self-adsorption films!
Introducing the use case "window decoration that can be pasted and peeled off"
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