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"Aiming to be a Truly Global Company --Creating a Mechanism--"

MIMAKI ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd. President Kazuaki Ikeda

Until  now, our management vision has been expressed as “something new, something different.” Using this slogan helped us to create the industrial inkjet printer market by developing, manufacturing and selling innovative products.This is my third year since I became the president of MIMAKI ENGINEERING. Going forward, we will continue to make use of our proprietary raster technology (inkjet, etc.) and vector technology (cutting, etc.) to further promote digital on-demand printing and develop as a development-driven company that can provide customer satisfaction.

We are currently at a growth stage and accelerating progress toward the achievement of 100 billion yen in annual sales under the slogan "Becoming a truly M1000 global company."We classify the market for industrial inkjet printers into three distinct markets: the Sign Graphics (SG) market, which uses inkjet printers to produce products such as advertisements and signboards; the Industrial Products (IP) market, which uses inkjet printers to decorate products such as industrial products and parts; and the Textiles & Apparel (TA) market, which uses inkjet printers to print on fabrics and clothing.Our goal is to become a global company with annual sales of more than 100 billion yen by consistently providing the best products (printers, plotters, functional inks, etc.) for every customer in each market and by spreading them deeply.

We also recognize our most urgent task is "creating a mechanism" that is appropriate for for a truly global company to get on a smooth growth track.In the Research and Development Division, we will work to reduce quality problems by standardizing development methods, which had been personnel skills, to improve development efficiency, and by establishing rules for reviewing design evaluation items.In the Production Division, we will strive to achieve production planning with demand trends and cost reductions through the establishment of production systems and the visualization of costs by each production line.In the Sales Division, we will evolve the role of community-based sales by making mini-exhibition strategy (a small briefing for three to five customers: explaining new products and proposing applications) and expanding it globally.The Administrative Division will develop global human resources and build an internal backbone system. At the same time, we will instill the concept of independent accounting for each division throughout the entire Group, and build a system that will enable the entire Group to share the direction of awareness and resolution of issues.

The market for industrial inkjet printers is expected to continue growing. Technology innovation proceeds rapidly, we are expected to engage in fierce competition with other companies in the same or similar industry.We are determined to not be satisfied with where we are, and to continue pushing forward with our business, with a sense of urgency and defined purpose.

We look forward to your continuing guidance and encouragement.

September 1, 2018
Kazuaki Ikeda

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