Quality and Environmental Policy

Management policy

Our management vision is to provide "something new, something different." In line with that vision, we leverage our unique inkjet printing technology and cutting technology to develop innovative products. Thus far, together with our customers we have created and opened up the market for industrial inkjet printers. From here on we will endeavor to become a truly global company, with the goal of entering a new growth stage in line with further advances in digital printing, while carrying on our commitment to innovation as a customer-oriented, development-driven company. Recognizing that earth resources are finite and that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues for all mankind, we will make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of our entire organization.


  1. In order to improve customer satisfaction and contribute to global environmental conservation, we will continuously improve our integrated management system.
  2. We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in all aspects of our business activities and other requirements that we agree to, and provide products and services that conform to our customers' requirements.
  3. We will address the following issues as priority issues for integrated management.
    ・ Accurate understanding of customer requirements
    ・ Maintain and improve product quality
    ・ To develop human resources that are trusted by customers and business partners
    ・ Efficient utilization of resources and energy
    ・ Reducing industrial waste emissions
    ・ Promoting Environmental Design
    ・ Expanding sales of our environmental-friendly products and strengthening the environmental needs of our customers
    ・ Promotion of environmental protection activities
  4. This policy is communicated to all employees and to everyone who works for us, and all employees work together to achieve this policy.
  5. This policy is widely disclosed outside the company on the Internet website, and we also request the understanding and cooperation of our partner companies.

Kazuaki Ikeda, President
Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

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