Management Policy

Management Vision

  1. We aspire to become a “Development-oriented Enterprise” holding our own technology and supplying our own brand products throughout the world.
  2. We aim to become a company that can adapt and quickly provide the products that will satisfy the customers.
  3. We strive to become an innovator always providing “something new, something different” in the market.
  4. We aim at creating a corporate culture where our individual employees can exploit their personal characters and capability to the fullest extent.

Mimaki develops a new corporate image

In order to remain as a group of innovators and to fully exploit personal characteristics and capability of our individual employees, we commenced a new GIPS management to pursue departmental profitability in small groups. We adopted a staff division system in which the division has responsibility and authority to manage their activities from product planning, development to sales planning for each group of products.

In GIPS (Group Independent Profitability management System), each group will have clear roles and responsibilities and will perform activities voluntarily as if each of them is an independent small factory. The added value as the fruit of the activities of each group will be made clear, and in order to improve the profitability of its own department, all members of each group centered on its leader will share the issues and try to resolve them. Through such activities, all employees will participate in the management and each of them will have efficiency in mind. Thus, we are looking to make our company an aggregate of small fruits like a cluster of grapes.

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