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Textile inkjet printer with belt conveying system

Tiger-1800B MkIII ロゴ

Operability is improved with newly installed software

Tiger-1800B MkIII (Direct-to-textile model / Sublimation transfer model)

Tiger-1800B MkIII | Product information

Nagano, Japan, January 20 2021

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Nagano Prefecture, Tomi City; President, Kazuaki IKEDA) engaged in industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters and 3D printers, announced the release of "Tiger-1800B MkIII", a textile inkjet printer with belt conveying system, available from February 2021.

The "Tiger-1800B MkIII" is  a new model added the "Mimaki Printer Controller" of new touch-screen operation software to the "Tiger-1800B MkII", that pursues speed and beauty based on the enhanced stability and high accuracy of print technology which results in high-quality printing.

As this new software has been installed on the PC in which the machine unit is already built in, it will be activated automatically when you start operation and will enable you to set up, operate and output data with one-touch simple operation. Even for such a trouble that has tended to occur because of a missing nozzle, it can be improved now with the use of the nozzle recovery function from software. This function leads to reduction in the down time of the machines because the printing operation can be continued until the printer is repaired by a service representative.

The Tiger-1800B MkIII combines high productivity with a maximum print speed of 385 m²/h and long operating stability by means of 10kg ink tank for low running costs, allowing you to choose the print speed that best suits your jobs, from high speed printing focusing on productivity to high quality printing pursuing beautiful printing. Depending on ink type and print mode, four different droplet sizes are available to achieve smoother color printing.

In addition, the advanced high-performance RIP software "TxLink4" supports the Tiger-1800B MkIII. You can expect to increase productivity by making use of such functions of TxLink4 as "Parallel RIP function" that can be performed in parallel for multiple of print data and "Variable print function" that is tailored to applications for apparel. Introduction of "16-bit rendering" which is upgraded from 8-bit version enables smoother and more beautiful gradation expression. Newly supporting of 10 GB-based Ethernet controller by Tiger-1800B MkIII can also deal with high-speed data transfer.

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. will continue providing our customers with optimum products for their work operations and installation circumstances.


1. It is equipped with Mimaki Printer Controller

Touch-screen based printer operation software is installed on our system. Because this printer has been designed for one touch ease of operation, you can set up, operate it and output data from it with one-touch simple operation.

One touch job selection

One touch job selection

You can also check at a glance remaining amount of ink.

You can also check at a glance remaining amount of ink.

Suspending and restarting of operation during printing are also easier with a single touch.

Suspending and restarting of operation during printing are also easier with a single touch.

2. "Nozzle Recovery System" for continuous operation

When any clogging of a certain nozzle cannot be solved even after cleaning is performed for it, such nozzle will not be used, and another normal nozzle will be used instead (nozzle recovery function).
In this way, it becomes possible to perform the ongoing print job continuously.

NRS: Image of continuous operation

Creation of nozzle recovery data is also available now from the touch panel.

Creation of nozzle recovery data is also available now from the touch panel.

3. Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) is supported

Smooth prints can be realized by printing pass boundaries fading in gradation, while banding (horizontal stripes), uneven color, or glossy streak can be reduced.

Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4(MAPS4)

4. Ethernet 10GB-T supported

Added support for 10GB-based Ethernet controller. Print data transfer at higher speed is now available.


Item Tiger-1800B MkIII
Direct-to-textile model
Tiger-1800B MkIII
Sublimation transfer model
Print head 16 printheads
(8x2 lines in a staggered layout)
8 printheads
(4x2 lines in a staggered layout)
Print resolution 600 / 1,200dpi
Print speed
(Fabric width: 1,500mm)
Max. 385 m²/h *1
Max. print width 1,850 mm (72.8")
Max. media width 1,900 mm (74.8")
InkType Reactive: MLRc500
Direct Sublimation: MLSb520
Sublimation: MLSb510
Capacity 10 kg (22 lb) ink tank
Ink set Reactive: C,M,Y,K,Or,Bl,R,Lk
Reactive: C,M,Y,K,Or,Bl
Direct Sublimation:Bl,M,Y,K
ink color
8/6/4 4
Media core diameter 2 inch 3 inch
Roll diameter φ400 mm (15.7") or less Feeding: φ1000 mm (39.4") or less
Winding: φ500 mm (19.7") or less
Roll weight 100 kg (221 lb) or less Feeding: 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) or less
Winding: 500 kg (1,103 lb) or less
Interface Ethernet 10GB-T / USB 2.0 / Removable disk
Power Unit: 3Φ 380V ±10%, 50-60Hz ±1% 30A or less
Heater: 3Φ 380V ±10%, 50-60Hz ±1% 30A or less
Operational environment Temperature: 20 - 25 degC / 68 - 77 degF
Humidity: 35 - 65% Rh (Non condensing)
Main 5,550 x 2,050 x 2,250 mm (219 x 81 x 89")
Feeding 2,250 x 500 x 1,200 mm
(89 x 20 x 47")
2,750 x 1,800 x 1,350 mm
(108 x 71 x 53")
2,850 x 1,300 x 1,300 mm
(112 x 51 x 51")
2,900 x 2,400 x 1,350 mm
(114 x 93 x 53")
WeightMain 4,800 kg (10,582 lb) or less
Feeding 130 kg (287 lb) or less 720 kg (1,587 lb) or less
840 kg (1,852 lb) or less 1,580 kg (3,483 lb) or less

*1 385 m²/h: Printed by High speed (3 drop) mode 600×600dpi 1pass 1Layer

*2 Specifications, designs, dimensions, and other information stated in this list may be subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.

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Tiger-1800B MkIII | Product information

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