Operating condition of plug-in software at Illustrator CC 2019


Dear Customers,

Thank you for using our software products.

Please be advised that the operating condition of plug - in product.


■FineCut8 for Illustrator

■RasterLinkTools for Illustrator (included with RasterLink6).

The operating condition:

You can NOT install FineCut8 and RasterLinkTools on Illustrator CC 2019.

Please use Illustrator CC-CC 2018 for operating FineCut8 and RasterLinkTools until Illustrator CC 2019 is supported.

How to update to Illustrator CC 2019:

How to install the former version (CC-CC 2018) after updating to Illustrator CC 2019 -> click here
How to remain the former version (CC-CC 2018) when updating to Illustrator CC 2019 -> click here

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