Shelf Wobbler

Flexible Shelf Wobbler made in-house by combining a UV printer and cutting plotter!

Shelf Wobbler are indispensable for sales promotions at retailers such as mass merchandisers and supermarkets.
It is one of the most important tools that can greatly influence sales depending on how well it is done.
Shelf Wobbler are prepared in each store to coincide with new product launches and campaigns, and a lot of time is required to create eye-catching sales displays.
On the other hand, products that have been talked about in the media, such as TV, can be displayed the next day on Shelf Wobbler and special space for the product.

At such retail stores that require a quick response that takes a lot of time and effort, the store master might want to print in-house.

It is possible to print with a combination of a UV Printer and Cutting-plotter.

■Would like to print depending on the season or product launch.

■Would like to reduce the outsourcing cost of or Poster printing.

■Would like to be richer the layout or decorations of the sales floor.

It is possible to solve the various problems of the sales areas with a combination of a UV Printer and Cutting-plotter.

Examples for use in electronics retail stores, etc.

It is also possible to advertise it with shelf wobblers the day after it was introduced on TV

UV inkjet printer UJV100-160

Cutting plotter CG-AR Series

The three things that would be achieved with in-house printing by Mimaki UV Printer and Cutting-plotter.

1. Environmental and human-friendly shop decoration

Today, some actions are required for environmental improvement activities. for example, charging for plastic bags.
We can respond to environmental demands with the materials of and posters that are used in shop ads.
UV printers can print onto PET material too. Also, can make a easily.

Today, there are more environmentally friendly new materials. It is possible to appeal that carrying out environmental improvement activities by using those.

Also, LUS-170 ink used for Shelf Wobbler print is certified in GREENGUARD Gold guarantees suitable in school or healthcare facilities use based on the most strict global standard of less chemical emission.
*Please refer to this with details about the GREENGUARD certification program.

With Mimaki's UV printer, it is possible to decorate the interior of the store friendly to both the environment and the humans.

Shelf wobblers manufactured this time

GREENGUARD Gold certification label

2. Not only Shelf Wobbler but also the interior decoration of a store can be in-house printing.

UV printer can print not only Shelf Wobbler but also the interior decoration tools for example posters or wallpapers.

■Printing a poster that advertises the campaign and events.

■Printing decorations of shops in each season.

■Printing floor marking signs for example cash register guide 'PLEASE STAND IN THIS LINE'.

It is available to create various sales promotion tools that will support the sales of retail stores.

Poster manufacturing is also possible

3. Also, package manufacturing is available optionally too.

Cutting plotter CG-AR series provides the option of thick paper cutting.
This makes it available for manufacturing packages and papercraft goods. And more various promotion tools would be available to manufacture.

Especially, papercrafts can be three-dimensional displays.
Why don't you expand the expression style of in-store decorations with not only plane but three-dimensional promotion tools?

*Click the sample images to see enlarged images.

Mont Saint Michel

Space shuttle

There are more, too! Application example that can be manufactured with a UV printer

Window decorations that can be pasted and removed are recommended for seasonal shop decorations.

Name stickers can be printed quickly too.

Applicable product

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