Cooperation to the exhibition "« JŪRA YURA » Photographs by Kodo CHIJIIWA National Library of Lithuania"

Efforts of Mimaki
Photographer: Kodo Chijiiwa
We have conducted printouts of the exhibition works using "JV330-160" and "TS330-1600".

Product used

Mimaki sponsored the exhibition held at the National Library of Lithuania in Vilnius, Lithuania, and printed the works with our printers.

■Dates: May 28th Tue through August 4th Sun, 2024
■Venue:National Library of Lithuania(Google map)
Gedimino pr. 51, Vilnius, 01109 Vilniaus m. sav., Lithuania

■Event Details:« JŪRA YURA » Photographs by Kodo CHIJIIWA National Library of Lithuania Exhibition Details
■Related Sites:National Library of Lithuania
                 Kodo Chijiwa
                 Yolita René (Curator)
■Admission Fee:Free

"Beauty in simplicity" "Perfection in imperfection."

ーWabi-Sabi, the Japanese culture.
In terms of the values and perspectives on beauty that are associated with it,
Lithuanians and Japanese have something in common in terms of their viewpoints and values of beauty.ー

Following last year's exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Lithuania, this year's exhibition is being held at the National Library of Lithuania.
This is our second time cooperating with the exhibition with our printing technology.

“Nature in the photographer’s work is a unique pulse in which we connect with the universe, testifying to the interconnectedness of all that is united by the multifaceted diversity of life. Chijiiwa’s photography highlights the existence of the four elements – earth, water, air and fire. The absence of man forces the viewer to focus on the other beings inhabiting the landscape. These incessant games of natural energies and movements are captured in the artist’s photographs of matter, such as the world of vegetation, which is oscillating, absorbed by gusts, and transformed into flexible matter.”
(curator Ms.Yolita René)

In this project, we are using our flagship 330 Series model for output.
In addition to works printed by JV330, hanging banners printed by TS330 are also on display.
Although it is far from Japan, please stop by if you have a chance.

Mr.Kodo Chijiwa

Photographer: Mr.Kodo Chijiwa

Output of the new work "Kuma river" by JV330-160

Output of the new work "Kuma river"

The scene at the photo exhibition venue

About the Exhibition (excerpt from the press release by Mr.Chijiiwa)

The title of this exhibition, "JŪRA YURA," is composed of two homophones. "JŪRA" means "sea" in Lithuanian and is pronounced "YURA." On the other hand, "Yura" means "to sway" in Japanese.

"When I stand in the rain and look at the raging sea, I recognize myself as a passive being. The scale changes gradually, and time flows horizontally. From there, it is possible to overlook a special space-time that includes both the past and the future. As a witness to time, I join the flow, go down the mountain, flow into the river, spread into the sea, rise into the sky, and return to the earth." (Excerpt from Kodo Chijiiwa's contribution to « JŪRA YURA »)

The exhibition will also include an exhibition tour by the artist himself, a workshop for the local community, catalog sales, brochure sales, and sales of exhibited works.

About Kodo Chijiiwa's photo exhibition "JŪRA YURA" held last year

The "JŪRA YURA" photography exhibition by Kodo Chijiwa was held last year (2023) to commemorate 100 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Lithuania.
We have a manufacturing base in Lithuania, and our cooperation with Mr.Chijiwa started when he asked us to participate in the exhibition, and the exhibition closed with such a great response that the duration was extended twice.

Please click here to read the article about the photo exhibition held last year.
(You can view the article in a separate tab.)

Kodo Chijiiwa Photo Exhibition "JŪRA YURA"

After the closing of the exhibition, at the M.K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, two works printed with our product JV100-160 (Specification:AS5 ink, CMYKLcLmLkOr) are have been permanently stored.

Yurameki#05 / Drebéjimas#05 2015 Rasalinis spausdinimas /Inkjet Fineart 500 × 500 mm Atspausdinta / Printed by Mimaki

Yurameki#07 / Drebéjimas#07 2017 Rasalinis spausdinimas / Inkjet Fineart 500 × 500 mm Atspausdinta / Printed by Mimaki

Machine that printed of the exhibition artwork

Roll to Roll
Eco-solvent Inkjet Printer


Used Ink:SS21(Specifications:CMYKLcLmLkOr)

Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer


Used Ink:Sb410(Specifications:Bl M Y K )


Portrait photograph of Mr. Chijiiwa

Photographer: Kodo Chijiiwa

Kodo Chijiiwa was born in Saga Prefecture in 1976 and has lived in Yakushima since 2003.After graduating from the career course of the illustration department of Tokyo Design School in 2000, he participated in the portrait project of photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in 2003 as a subject.Aspiring to be a photographer, I was drawn into the process of creating a piece of work through photography.In 2006, moved to Mexico and studied DPE at the Manuel Alvarez Bravo photography school workshop in Oaxaca.After serving as an assistant to photographer Iris Janke in Berlin, Germany in 2008, he held his first solo exhibition and was in Germany as a freelance photographer.After returning to Japan, he worked on artistic activities such as production activities and solo exhibitions.Fall 2014 Established Yakushima Photography Festival (YPF) in 2015 with French photographer Antonin Borgeaud and deepening exchanges in Yakushima with Cleo Charuet as art director.The 1st Yakushima International Photo Festival will be held in October.Received the Best Gallery Award when exhibiting at the YPF booth at Photo Doc, during Paris Photo held in Paris, France in November.2016 France Arles 2016 & 2017: Les Recontres Exhibited YPF gallery during d'Arles La Photography and gained popularity. In 2018, he participated in the exhibition as a YPF gallery at International Photo Festival Incadaques (Cadaques, Spain), and in the same year, he was invited to participate as a reviewer at the Rokkosan International Photo Festival.In 2019, he was invited as the first BZH PHOTO artist-in-residence artist at Rogivie de la Mer, France, and will be exhibiting in July of the same year.In June of the same year, the exhibition "JŪRA YURA" was held at the M.K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art in Kaunas, Lithuania, with art historian Ms.Yolita René as curator.

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