About the Illustrator plug-in products for Adobe Illustrator 2023


Please refer to this page for details about the plug-in product support for Illustrator 2023.

※Use the Older version of Illustrator until the supported version is released.

About updating and installing Illustrator

  • When the Auto-update of Adobe Creative Cloud is on, then the Illustrator version will be updated automatically and our plug-in product will not be available. Please stop the automatic update function.

   Click here to stop automatic update of Illustrator.

  • If Illustrator has already been updated by automatic update, install the plug-in product after installing the old version.

   Click here for instructions on installing the old version.

  • If you update Illustrator to a version which does not support our plug-in product, keep the old version and install it.

   When update Illustrator, please uncheck [Remove old versions] check box on the screen that appears before installation, and continue.

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