End of Sales/Service Support period information


We notify on products that have been discontinued and support service periods.
As a general rule, period of service is for 6 years after the end of sales.(*) However, please note that this does not apply if it interferes with acquisition of service parts and supply parts in our factory.
On-site repairs will be terminated in principle. We will continue to respond to inquiries even after the service support period ends.

(*) This information is made based on Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd (Japan). Products, 'End of Sales' date and 'End of Service' date may differ depending on the area. Please contact your local Mimaki office in each area for details.

Inkjet Printer End of Sales End of Service Support information
JV34-260 | JV34-260 Mar-2022 Mar-2028 Supply Download
JV150 Series | JV150-130 / JV150-160 / JV150-160A Oct-2021 Oct-2027 Supply Download
JV150 Series | JV150K-190 Dec-2021 Dec-2027 --- ---
JV300 (Normal) Series | JV300-130 / JV300-160 / JV300-160A Jan-2022 Jan-2028 Supply Download
JV400SUV Series | JV400-130SUV / JV400-160SUV Oct-2021 Oct-2027 Supply Download
SWJ-320 Series | SWJ-320 S2 / SWJ-320 S4 Sep-2021 Sep-2027 Supply Download
UJV500-160 | UJV500-160 Jun-2021 Jun-2027 Supply Download
UJV-160 | UJV-160 Jun-2021 Jun-2027 Supply Download
OKI ColorPainter E-64s | OKI ColorPainter E-64s Mar-2020 Mar-2025 Supply Download
OKI ColorPainter H3-104s | OKI ColorPainter H3-104s Sep-2020 Sep-2025 Supply Download
OKI ColorPainter M-64s | OKI ColorPainter M-64s Sep-2022 Mar-2027 Supply Download
CJV300 (Normal) Series | CJV300-130 / CJV300-160 Jan-2022 Jan-2028 Supply Download
UCJV150-130/160 | UCJV150-130 / UCJV150-160 Sep-2021 Sep-2027 Supply Download
JFX200-2513 | JFX200-2513 May-2024 May-2030 Supply Download
UJF-3042FX | UJF-3042FX Mar-2024 Mar-2030 Supply Download
UJF-3042HG | UJF-3042HG Jan-2022 Jan-2028 Supply Download
UJF-3042MkII | UJF-3042MkII Mar-2024 Mar-2030 Supply Download
UJF-3042MkII EX | UJF-3042MkII EX Mar-2024 Mar-2030 Supply Download
UJF-6042 | UJF-6042 May-2024 May-2030 Supply Download
UJF-6042MkII | UJF-6042MkII Mar-2024 Mar-2030 Supply Download
TS30-1300 | TS30-1300 Oct-2021 Oct-2027 Supply Download
TS34-1800A | TS34-1800A Oct-2021 Oct-2027 Supply Download
TS300P-1800 | TS300P-1800 Sep-2022 Sep-2028 Supply Download
TS500-1800 | TS500-1800 Sep-2022 Sep-2028 Supply Download
Tx300P-1800 | Tx300P-1800 Mar-2022 Mar-2028 Supply Download
Tx500-1800B | Tx500-1800B Dec-2021 Dec-2027 Supply Download
Tx500-1800DS | Tx500-1800DS Dec-2021 Dec-2027 Supply Download
Tiger-1800B | Tiger-1800B Jun-2021 Jun-2027 Supply Download
Tiger-1800B MkII | Tiger-1800B MkII Jun-2021 Jun-2027 Supply Download
Tiger-1800B MkIII | Tiger-1800B MkIII Jun-2023 Jun-2029 Supply Download
Cutting Plotter End of Sale End of Service Support information
CG-FXII Series | CG-75FXII / CG-130FXII / CG-160FXII Jan-2022 Jan-2028 Supply Download
CG-SRIII Series | CG-60SRIII / CG-100SRIII / CG-130SRIII Jun-2023 Jun-2029 Supply Download

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