TxLink4.1.4 Installer

Type Software
Version 4.1.4
Release date 06/30/2022
Supported OS Windows 7 (64bit)
Windows 8 (64bit)
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows 11
Supported Software TxLink4


About this installer

  • For using past version of TxLink4, you can update it to version 4.1.4.
  • You can use this installer in Lite/Standard/Professional edition.

MIMAKI Driver version

When using TS330-1600, Version 5.6.4 or later of MIMAKI Driver is necessary.

Modified bugs

Following defect has been modified.

# Descriptions Occurs from
1 [Phenomenon]
-    Image does not shift toward scan direction even though offsets the image at “Properties” > “Position”. As the result of this, images always printed from origin.
-    There is a miss explanation of the “Job optimized” feature in “Print Environment” Application Notes.
[Occurrence conditions]
-    This problem occurs at all printers TxLink4 supporting.
-    Image is shifted as specified at “Properties” > “Position”.
-    Corrects miss explanation of “Job Optimized” feature of “Print Environment” Application Notes.


Precautions for download

Be sure to read the following license agreement before downloading this software.

Software License Agreement

By installing this software, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

Article 1 Definition
  1. Software means the computer program supplied with this agreement.
  2. Related data means printed text data supplied with this software or printed data which we may supply subsequently.
  3. This software means the software, related data and the copy of this software which we supply to you.
Article 2 Limitations
  1. This software must not be copied against the provisions of this agreement.
  2. This software must not be changed or reverse engineered. Moreover, it must not be transferred, leased or sublicensed to the third party. The status of this agreement must not be transferred, either.
  3. This software must not be transferred, licensed or resold to the third party or transferred, licensed or purchased from it by rental or false rental activity.
  4. This software must not be transferred or licensed to the third party or purchased from it as secondhand goods.
Article 3 Limitation of Warranty
  1. It is not warranted that functions contained in this software suit the intended use of the customer.
  2. This software should be selected and introduced in the customer’s responsibility: any damage in installing this software in the computer’s hard disk and the plotter’s memory is not covered.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any results of the use of this software (including lost earnings or profits).
Article 4 Term of Validity
  1. The term of validity of this agreement starts when the customer installs this software.
  2. When the customer decides to stop using this software, this agreement is automatically terminated.
  3. This agreement is terminated immediately, without our notice, if the customer does not follow any clause of this agreement. If this agreement terminates, the whole of this software must be deleted.
Download TxLink414_Installer.exe(286.43MB)

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