CG-SRII Series [End of sale]

Cutting functions that make your job easier

High-speed continuous crop mark detection

An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested images. Together with the automatic adjustment function, it helps to achieve precise contour cutting.

CG-SRII Series

A light pointer easily adjusts the head position to the crop marks.

CG-SRII Series

By continuously detecting maximum of four points, nested images in both X and Y axis can be cut aligning each image automatically.

"Half cut" Function

With the half cut function, the backing sheet can be cut, leaving a few connection points, which hold the image in place after cutting. When finished the backing sheet can be easily detached.

*The half cut function is Mimaki’s proprietary technology

CG-SRII Series

Over cut function

The over cut function overlaps the start and end points of the media thus eliminating cut lines that are not completely cut.

Professional sign making software FineCut8


FineCut8, plug-in cutting software for Illustrator CS5 and CorelDRAW, is included.
It helps to achieve highly sophisticated requirements such as contour cutting, production of cutting data from the graphic data, tiling and nesting.

Easy to operate cutting software Simple Cut

Simple cut, an easy and simple user-friendly cutting software, is also bundled.

CG-SRII Series Catalog (2.13MB)


CG-100SRII Effective cut width: 1,070 mm (42.1")
CG-130SRII Effective cut width: 1,370 mm (53.9")

Application list

  • Sign & Display
  • Window Graphics
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Cutting Sheet Sticker
  • Labels & Decals


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