GP-1810 Series [end of support]

High speed and high quality printing

GP-1810 series enables you to perform on-demand production and eliminates redundant inventories. Being a screen-less printer, it does not need space for keeping screens. Three pieces of T-shirts can be printed at a time, and it supports most frequently desired small lot orders of around 10 pieces and above. The printer attains unique designs such as full printing and discharge printing of T-shirts, production of towels and other small articles with multi-allocation printing.

Acid dye ink
Reactive dye ink
Pigment ink

GP-1810 Serise

Features of direct to garment inkjet printing

Plateless inkjet printing allows a user to take a small lot printing order from one. Print image is easily changed. Fabric retains its texture after printing. Discharge printing is available on dark color fabric.

GP-1810 Serise Spec

GP-1810 Series Catalog (1.1MB)


GP-1810 Maximum print area: 1,860 x 1,010 mm (73.2 x 39.8")
GP-1810D Maximum print area: 1,860 x 1,010 mm (73.2 x 39.8")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • T-shirt printing


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