TPC-1000 [end of support]

TPC-1000 is a cutting-edge printer cutter engineered for the needs of present day and it achieves reduction of operation time while enabling unattended operation from printing to cutting. With TPC-1000’s dual role, your creative & “fashionable” ideas will come true!


“I want to make more fashionable sportswear and apparels!” TPC-1000 is the best match to your needs! TPC-1000 combines two functions in one single machine, an accurate inkjet printer and Mimaki’s cutting technology. Powered by Mimaki’s printer cutter, your fashionable design will create new business opportunities in the sportswear and apparel industry.

Dye sublimation printing
Sublimation ink
Water-based Pigment ink

TPC-1000 Spec

3 types of software are included as standard according to user's experience and skill.

Simple Studio TA Fine Cut 8 RasterLink Pro5 TA
Easy-to-operate Print & Cut software Professional plug-in cutting software Continuous printing & Cutting
Simple Studio Fine Cut 8 for Illustrator RasterLink Pro5 TA
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TPC-1000 Catalog (1.86MB)


TPC-1000 Maximum print/cut width: 1,020 mm (40.1")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile


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