TPC-1000 [End of sale]

High speed & high quality 
Max 15.1 m2 / h & 1440dpi

One of TPC-1000’s renowned characteristics includes its high speed: 15.1 m²/h*1 at the high-speed printing mode and 10.3 m²/h*2 at the standard mode. Together with maximum resolution of 1440 dpi and three variable dots, TPC-1000 is poised to achieve a high speed and high quality print.
*1 : 540 ×720dpi (4 colors)
*2 : 540 ×1080dpi (4 colors)

High speed continuous printing

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

TPC-1000’s UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) makes it possible to change ink cartridges during printing. It will enable continuous printing and free an operator from worrying about inks running out.

[In case of Magenta]
A red light is displayed when a cartridge is out of ink and the machine switches automatically to a new cartridge.

Precise contour cutting
Continuous crop mark detection

Continuous Crop Mark Detection automatically reads the registration marks on the print to precisely position the cutter. It will enable accurate cutting of materials like a heat transfer vinyl and free an operator from attending in the cutting process.

Substantial reduction of manual operation
Automatic Media Clamp Function

You can adjust the number of pinch rollers and clamp pressure with RIP software. Clamp pressure will then be automatically changed according to the type of media. With this function, TPC-1000 will enable unattended operation from printing to cutting.


Two types of ink for transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl

Perfect for swimwear & mugs! Dye sublimation ink

Dye sublimation ink are suitable for various polyester materials, such as uniforms, swimwear, and mugs. It has a wide range of applications and helps create more business opportunities.

Sublimation ink

For Print & Cut of transfer papers
Solvent ink

The first step is to print an image with solvent inks. The second is to cut the image, and the final step is to heat-press it on a fabrics. The transferred image is durable against washing.

Solvent ink

TPC-1000 Catalog (1.86MB)


TPC-1000 Maximum print/cut width: 1,020 mm (40.1")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Tapestry
  • Flag
  • Sports Apparel
  • Interior Fabrics
  • Fashion Textile


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