ME-II Series

Precise sruface figure detection

A sensor detects the surface shape of workpiece to maintain the equal engraving depth even on a curved surface.



Simultaneous 3-axis interpolation enables smooth and speedy 3D engraving.

Long workpieces are mountable

Long workpieces are mountable

A working table is flat and longitudinally long and useful for mounting longwise workpieces.

Excellent compatibility with a wide range of CAD software

Dedicated command is compatible with various engraving and CAD software. The ME-II can be operated as same as the general cutting plotters.

60 mm Z-stroke

The spindle can move up to 60 mm (2.4")

The spindle can move up to 60 mm (2.4"), and the maximum mountable material thicknees is 50 (2.0").
Thanks to this capability, a range of application is broadened.

Chip removal attachment and adaptor

Chip removal attachment and adaptor

The ME-II models are equipped with a chip removal attachment and an adaptor to a vacuum pump.
Typical vacuum pump* can be easily attached to the adaptor.
Optional Vacuum Pump Controller turns on/off power to the vacuum pump so it will run only when engraving.
*Vacuum pump is not included.

Large memory buffer

27 megabyte receive buffer is equipped and a large engraving file can be sent speedily. Moreover, a copy function allows cutting/engraving the same pattern repeatedly.

Wide variety of materials

The ME-II can engrave on metals as well as plastics.

Optimum rotational speed

According to the material, the rotational speed can be specified from 7,000 to 14,000 rpm to deliver beautiful finish.

Three different sizes, A4, A3 and A2-plus, are offered to meet applications.

Suitable applications for each model
ME-300STII: Engraving on small items including name/serial name plates.
ME-500STII: Modeling
ME-650STII: Letter engraving on control panel covers.

Please select a suitable model according to applications.


ME-300STII Maximum engraving area: 310 x 220 mm (12.2 x 8.7")
ME-500STII Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")
ME-650STII Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")

Application list

  • Carving

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