NC-5 [end of support]

■Maximum modeling area: 483 x 305mm (19 x 12")

■Support of HP-GL*1 and G code*2 enables the NC-5 to work with vareious modeling software / CAD software and CNC commands.

■Mechanical Resolution: 0.5μm

■High Horse Power: 1HP(750w)

■Simultaneous 3-axis linear interpolation command for smooth and speedy 3D modeling.

■Models on metals as well as plastics.

■Rigid construction and precisely controlled servo motors for all X, Y and Z axes provide very accurate modeling.

■Coolant can be applied while modeling.

■Collet spindle can use modeling tools (up to 10mm (0.4") shank diameter)

■T-slot table and Vacuum table options are available.

■Z stroke is 110mm (4.3")

■Handy operation panel for ease of use.

*1 HP-GL is trademark of Hewlett-Packard Co.
*2 G code for CNC commands.

NC-5 Catalog (735.73KB)


NC-5 Maximum engraving area: 483mm x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")

Application list

  • Carving
  • Mold

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