NC-5 [end of support]

Modeling Machine NC-5

Maximum modeling area: 483 x 305mm (19 x 12")

The NC-5 modeling machine can accept materials up to 520mm (20.5") in width by unlimited length.

Open architecture

NC-5 supports HP-GL*1 and G code*2 as standard. Using current modeling software, CAD software, as well as CNC commands, the creatively of your work is limited only by your imagination.

*1 HP-GL is trademark of Hewlett-Packard Co.
*2 G code for CNC commands.

Collet spindle

Modeling tools (up to 10mm (0.4")shank diameter) can be used with simple process.

3D Modeling

Simultaneous 3-axis linear interpolation command enables smooth and speedy 3D modeling.

Accurate modeling

Mechanical resolution 0.5μm for X, Y and Z axes along with the precise collet spindle action provides maximum accuracy in modeling.

Various materials' modeling

NC-5 can model on metals and plastics.

T-slot table and vacuum table

T-slot table and vacuum table are convenient to hold various items, thin items etc.

Use of coolant oil

Coolant oil can be used while modeling metals as well as plastics. Using coolants extends cutter life and produces smoother cuts.

110mm Z stroke

Z stroke is 110mm (4.3") which allows the machine to set materials up to 130mm (5.1").

Plate jig (Item code: SPA-0051 for general usage, SPA-0033 for fixing nameplate.)

Plate jig attached on center vise allows you to measure and position materials table.

Copy function

This function will allow the machine to copy stored data in the memory buffer repeatedly.

ZS sensor (Optional: Item code OPT-C0101)

By using ZS sensor, you can easily and precisely detect the Z origin point wihtout damaging materials.

Optional items

Besides standard center vise, T-slot table (OPT-C0103) and vacuum table (OPT-C0096) are available as optional items.

NC-5 Catalog (735.73KB)


NC-5 Maximum engraving area: 483mm x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")

Application list

  • Carving
  • Mold

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