ME Series [End of sale]

Automatic material height sensing and constant depth engraving

Material height sensor eliminates needs for manual adjustment of spindle height and ensures constant depth engraving on a material with uneven thickness.


ME Series

Simultaneous 3-axis linear interpolation enables smooth and speedy 3D engraving.

Maximum engraving areas

ME Series

ME-500 : 483X305mm(19X12")
ME-650 : 650X440mm(25.6X17.3")

Long materials can be set along the front-back direction. Maximum material widths are 650mm(25.6") for the ME-500 and 750mm(29.5") for the ME-650.

HP-GL* compatible

Most of sign-making and CAD software programs for both PC and MAC support HP-GL.
The ME-500/ME-650 can be driven by these programs.
*HP-GL is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Co.

60mm Z-stroke

ME Series

Spindle can move up to 60mm(2.4") above table and allows materials of up to 50mm(2.0") to be set.

Chip removal attachment and adaptor

The ME-500/ME-650 are equipped with a chip removal attachment and an adaptor to a vacuum pump.
Typical vacuum pump* can be easily attached to the adaptor.
Optional Vacuum Pump Controller turns on/off power to the vacuum pump so it will run only when engraving.
*Vacuum pump is not included.

Large memory buffer

A computer can send jobs to the ME-5--/ME-650's one megabyte memory buffer without waiting for the ME-500/ME-650 to finish engraving.
The computer therefore can be used for another fob while the ME-500/ME-650 are engraving.
Also, data stored in the memory can be used to engrave the same job.

Wide variety of materials

The ME-500/ME-650 can engrave on metals as well as plastics.

Software controllable spindle height adjustment

Spindle height adjustment can be done through software as well as from the ME-500/ME-650's handy operation panel, which makes multi-pass engraving easy.

Two sizes, A3 and A2 are offered for each model to meet applications.

ME-500 is suitable for modeling. ME-650 is suitable for letter engraving. Please select a suitable model and size according to applications.

ME Series Catalog (759.65KB)


ME-500ST Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")
ME-500BS Maximum engraving area: 483 x 305 mm (19.0 x 12.0")
ME-650ST Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")
ME-650BS Maximum engraving area: 650 x 440 mm (25.6 x 17.3")

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