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High speed and quality digital printing for cotton, silk, hemp (linen), and rayon.
The Tx500-1800B features a conveyor belt system to ensure stable feeding of materials, especially for elastic fabric. The concept of this product is High-speed printing, as it has been with its preceding models TS500-1800 and Tx500-1800DS.

  • Substantializing high definition print
    Nongranular, high image quality is achieved by variable dot sizes of 7pl and 21pl.
  • High quality print with reliability
    A function to reduce banding (stripes in the direction of media feed) during printing is provided.
  • Fast print speed
    Draft mode: 140m2/h (4-color spec), 85m2/h (6/8-color spec)
  • User friendly function
    Large capacity ink bottle and UISS function, Degassing module, Easy media loading and operation software standard

Dye sublimation printing
Sublimation ink
Acid dye ink
Reactive dye ink

Tx500-1800B Spec

Tx500-1800B Catalog (8.06MB)


Tx500-1800B Maximum print width: 1,820 mm (71.7")

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