Tx2-1600 [end of support]

Tx2-1600 is the industry standard digital textile printer with high quality 720 dpi output.

8-Color Ink Realizes Accurate Sharp Color Reproduction

The TX2-1600 can mount ink variations for a total of 8 colors including 4 basic colors (CMYK) and 4 special colors.
Ink that suits your application can be selected from reactive and acid dye ink variations.
Reactive Dye Ink
Acid Dye Ink
Reactive dye ink
Acid dye ink

The feature of digital textile printing

Substantial time savings and production time reduction from design to market enables fast response to clients orders.
No restriction in numbers of colors, smooth gradations and high quality printing.
Ecologically viable printing as only the required ink quantity is used for production. No excess water usage.

Tx2-1600 Spec

Tx2-1600 Catalog (1.27MB)


Tx2-1600 Maximum print width: 1,620 mm (63.8")

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