Tx400-1800D [end of support]

New generation of large format textile inkjet printer for improved productivity and profitability


Tx400 series offer the digital textile printing which does not use screen plate, allowing for the small amount production. The digital printing minimize the use of ink, which leads to the reduction of water resource and environmental burden of effluent treatment. Tx400 series, the dijital textile printers, meet the needs of this environmentally conscious age.
Tx400 series overcame the challenges on the productivity and the running cost by speeding up the print speed, stabilizing the unattended operation, and drastically reducing the ink cost. All of these improvement enhanced the practical use of the digital textile printing.
Tx400 series are available in two media feeding systems according to the fabric property.

Dye sublimation printing
Sublimation ink
Reactive dye ink
Pigment ink

The feature of digital textile printing

Substantial time savings and production time reduction from design to market enables fast response to clients orders.
No restriction in numbers of colors, smooth gradations and high quality printing.
Ecologically viable printing as only the required ink quantity is used for production. No excess water usage.

Correspondence chart for D/B model

Correspondence chart for D/B model

Tx400-1800D spec chart

Tx400-1800D Catalog (1.6MB)


Tx400-1800D Maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8")

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