Tx2-1600 [end of support]

8-Color multi-head enables switching between 1-way and 2-Way Print Modes

The TX2-1600 employs an 8-Color multi head with the front and rear heads set in a staggered arrangement. The front and rear heads are fed with an independent ink supply system, allowing the selection of 1-way print mode with the same ink type used or 2-way print mode with inks of different types used.


High speed printing realizes high performance

The high speed print head enables 28.4m²/h high speed and 720dpi high quality printing which dramatically increases the potential to deliver digitally printed textiles - from sample creation to small lot production.


*Print Width 1600mm, Bi-Directional
*Print resolution and print speed may be restricted according to the kind of fabric, and the state of a pretreatment.

Head height adjustment mechanism enables printing fabrics up to 7mm thick

The head height adjustment mechanism enables printing to thick cloths with stepless adjustment of up to 7mm. The TX2-1600 features a plunger which easily determines the head height position.

Unique Feed Mechanism


The drive roller and friction roller allow a constant tension of fabric, enabling priting to fabrics without any liner sheet (backing sheet). Ink penetrating the fabric is received by the ink trough to allow printing to a coarse-textured fabric. The Fabric Retainer for holding both edges of the fabric prevents contact of the fabric and print head.
* The Fabric Retainer is applicable to up to 5.5mm thickness.
* The ink ditch can be washed with water.

Anti-Meandering Loading Device

The TX2-1600 employs a fabric loading device which minimizes meandering of the cloth by detecting the edge of the roll with a sensor and moving from side to side.

Automatic Take-Up Device as Standard


The TX2-1600 is provided with an automatic takeup device as standard which takes up the printed fabric with a constant tenstion, realizing overnight operation and unattended printing. The TX2 is also provided with an additional roll holder for setting a slip sheet that prevents ink penetration.

Easy-to-Use Operation Panel

The backlit, two row display panel is employed to provide substantial and legible information display in any environment. For easy operation, frequently used keys such as TEST, CLEANING and DATA CLEAR are arranged at the top of the keypad.

IEEE1394 port enables high speed communication

The IEEE1394 interface realizes high speed data transmission without reducing throughput - even at the highest speeds of printing.

Tx2-1600 Catalog (1.27MB)


Tx2-1600 Maximum print width: 1,620 mm (63.8")

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