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Case Study

Penmasu-tosouten Co., Ltd. (Kuwana City, Mie) : UCJV300-160

Penmasu-tosouten Co., Ltd. (Kuwana City, Mie) : UCJV300-160
Although mainly engaged in painting by hand, we have more orders for signboard that has been outsourced. To respond to delivery time and to perform minor design change efficiently, in-house production has become necessary. With our skilled employees nearing retirement, we aimed for standardization by machine.
The first inkjet printer we installed is Mimaki's UCJV300-160. There are many jobs with short delivery times, and the UV printer that requires no drying time has good work efficiency and is appreciated by customers as well. Its cutting function is also appealing, which enables the printer to play two roles, allowing us to reduce the installation space and make our business extensive.

Mimaki product used

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