LA-W Series

1. The warming function reduces the silvering influence of UV print lamination

Equipped with warm function available to heat up to max. 60 degrees. Laminating with heating improves the adhesion of lamination to reduce "Silvering" caused by unevenness of print surface due to property of ink.
*Silvering: Whitening phenomenon of graphic by engulfing air babbles on laminating.

2. Operation speed equivalent with the high class models

[LA-W Series] achieved the maximum operating speed is 7,500mm/min.(*) With an affordable price, they can provide the same level of operation speed with upper class models.  
The combination use with UV Printer enables to duly contribute to your job, focusing quick response for UV ink property of instant curing upon UV light irradiating to save the ink drying time.
* Max. Speed is 6,000mm/m in an area of 50 Hz of power supply

3. Excellent operability even by one operator as simple and safe

Operation speed of lamination is max. 7,500mm/min., steplessly adjustable by dial. The temperature of warming function can be set to suit media up to 60 degree by every one degree from the operation panel and the laminating pressure is easily modified by handle.
Taking-up function of laminated media enables one-man operation.

Operation Panel, Handle

4. Safety design for the operator protection

Two safety functions are featured : an emergency stop and a protection by laser preventing rolling-in trouble.
The safety functions to support the safer working environment to protect operator from an accident of rolling-in.

Safety design

LA-W Series Catalog (499.55KB)


LA-140W Maximum processing width: 1,380 mm (54.3")
LA-160W Maximum processing width: 1,580 mm (62.2")

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