UJF-605CII [End of sale]


Making photographs and gradations more beautiful.

With such a high resolution as 1,200 x 2,400 dpi, fine lettering and lines, as well asextremely accurate images, are faithfully reproduced. Six colors -- CMYKLcLm --
along with white, enable variable color density to be expressed vividly with high
visual quality. Photographic details and the gradations of illustrations are truly
beautiful due to the nature of this inkjet printer.


Printing done on materials up to 50 mm in thickness.

Print media conveyance uses a flatbed design. It is possible to directly print on a thick material on the table. Printing is possible not only on pre-molding materials
but also on finished products. This ability to apply original designs greatly adds
value to products.

Direct printing also possible on curved three-dimensional surfaces.

Inkjet printing is a non-contact printing method. Since materials to be printed, such as plates or blankets, are not in contact with the print head, highly precise and beautiful printing is possible even on uneven surfaces of shaped objects. Photographs and illustrations can therefore be vividly expressive.
Note:To prevent the occurrence of problems due to ink mist when printing on three-dimensional items, the area around the head should be cleaned frequently. Also, the greater the distance from the head, the more the printing quality declines, so prior testing is necessary.

Molded resin items(ABS resin)

Ink Performance

Colour and white

Flexible UV ink (F-200)

The F-200 flexible UV ink can be stretched by up to 200% and be used for embossing processes such as membrane switches as well as for film-insert molding like panel switches for electronic appliances.
The ink is not likely to crack or split even after molding. For example, print on membrane switches with lamination is unaffected after actuating the switch 500,000 times. Highly opaque white ink is also available to be used for back printing on transparent or front printing on colored materials, to provide vivid full color reproduction.

Comparison of existing rigid substrate UV ink and flexible UV ink (F-200)

*Surface hardness is described as pencil lead hardness.
The harder it is, the stronger it is against scratch resistance.

*The surface of F-200 ink is less hard than that of rigid substrate ink due to its flexibility. Laminating after printing is recommended.

Existing Rigid Substrate UV ink
Flexible UV ink (F-200)
2H to 3H
F to H
Keystroke test - Complete the level:A half million times
(Laminated media)
Adhesion Untreated PET

UV Primer (GM-1)

The UV primer for Standard Mimaki UV ink also works as adhesive between ink and printed materials. By applying the liquid to inorganic rigid surfaces like metal and glass, the ink adhesiveness on such materials is much improved thereby extending product durability. Mimaki has succeeded in developing a primer which is chemically compatible with standard Mimaki UV inks and greatly increases adhesiveness between the ink and substrates.

Existing Rigid Substrate UV ink
Flexible UV ink (F-200)
Adhesion Aluminum
UV-curable ink


High productivity in printing on small items.

Because production is possible on a made-to-order basis thanks to the on-demand capability of the printer, printing requirements can be met the same day, for instance.
Setting up a jig and arranging items to be printed on the table, mass production can be achieved speedily. As this shows, the UJF-605C is remarkably productive for printing on small items.

Suitable for variable printing in which data is different for each item in terms of numbers and photos.

Printing time: 11 min., 12 sec.
Size:86 mm x 54 mm, 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 16 pass Hi-mode / Width 600 mm x feed direction 500 mm, with 45 sheets imposed.

Total printing time (White printing+Color printing): 22 min., 24 sec.
Size:29 mm dia., 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 16 pass Hi-mode / Width 600 mm x feeding direction 500 mm, with 168 units imposed.

*RIP configuration and preparation time is not included.

Clear liquid

Gives a high-gloss finish for innovative desigin options, increases color-fastness and protects the printed surface.

UV-curable ink

The use of this ink greatly increases the choice of materials for printing. Direct printing is possible on PET, PP,polycarbonate and ABS resin.

White +CMYK Lc Lm

Highly opaque white ink is used as backing print on transparent or colored substrates,thus realizing full-color reproduction of impressive, beautiful images.

1,200 x 2,400 dpi

Original and precise designs not previously possible can be obtained, and the product comes sparkling with a high-quality finish.

Inkjet method

A non-contact method makes highly precise direct printing possible on three-dimensional curved surfaces for a remarkable design improvement.

Fratbet design

Because materials can be individually arranged, print positioning can be imposed with high precision. This also enables simultaneous printing on multiple materials.

VOC countermeasure

This printer uses UV-curable ink free of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Ozone-free configuration

The printer’s UV lamp does not generate any ozone.

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