UJF-706 [end of support]

Equipped with metal halide UV lamps

Metal halide UV lamps earn acclaims for its UV curing reliability and ozone-free configuration.
(UV illuminance falls by approx. 30% after 1,000hr irradiation)

Direct printing on substrates of up to 150 mm (5.9 ") thickness

Mimaki Spray Suppressor System

Improved print quality and consistency on all substrates up to 150 mm (5.9") media thickness due to Mimaki's Spray Suppressor System.*
Note:Height difference on substrates can be up to 2 mm. For wider height differences, please test in advance as print quality decreases when gap is wider.

Efficient print production with simultaneous printing of color and white

Staggered Print Head Arrangement

Fast and accurate printing with new print heads that accommodate full color and white in two lines thus doubling print speed.

Vivid images with white underprint

Brlliant, luminous images with white underprint especially on transparent and/or colored substrates

Pallid, sallow image due to colored/transparent substrate.

Original vivid image colors are displayed due to white ink layer underneath the image.

Add value with multi-layered printing and glossy finishing

Glossy finishing makes your prints even more attractive. By printing different layers of ink and/or gloss your images will not only look more enticing but also will have a haptic feel that will satisfy your customers.

Different UV inks for dedicated usage

Hard UV Ink (C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm/W/Cl)

Hard UV ink that displays superior scratch and chemical resistance
Application:Instrumentation panels, name plates, cards,3-dimensional items, various form objects

Flexible UV Ink (C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm/W)

Flexible UV ink for forming/bending jobs that can stretch up to 200 %*
Application:Membrane switches,Thin films such as used in flexible packaging applications
* Elasticity varies depending on types of substrates. Please contact our technician for more detail.

UV-Curable ink

UJF-706 Catalog (833.96KB)


UJF-706 Maximum print area: 700 x 600 mm (27.6 x 23.6")

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