DS Series [end of support]

Equipped with media take-up device and media feeder with a dancer roller

AMF(Auto Media Feeder)

The tension bar moves up and down to adjust proper feeding. Suitable for continuous operation.

DS Series

Fabric supply mechanism

DS Series

In addition to the drive roller and friction roller, the take-up unit and feeding unit with a dancer roller cause tension in the fabric to prevent it from wrinkling. The fabric retainer holds both edges of the fabric preventing it from touching the print head.

Head height adjustment

A user can visibly check a head gap and manually adjust it up to 7 mm with a head gap adjustment stick.

Ditch for penetrated ink

DS Series

In order to prevent ink from penetrated the fabric from marking other fabrics, a ditch is available.

Media feeding correction

The length of media is corrected during printing without interrupting of the operation.

Large ink amount

Large amount ink installation enables to achieve continuous long time printing.
Sublimation transfer ink
4 color: Four 440 cc cartridges/1,760 cc per color
6 color: Two 440 cc cartridges/880 cc per color

Ink level display

Ink level is displayed on the operation panel and RIP screen, a user can check how much ink is left.

High-speed print heads

DS Series

The head configuration employs array of two staggered print heads.
1-way (single ink set) for fast printing and 2-way (dual ink set) for multipurpose printing are available. In addtion both print modes can use either high speed print of 4-color or high quality print of 6-color.

Hanger and bar for interleaf

DS Series

Standard equipment for using interleaf.

DS Series Catalog (1.69MB)


DS-1600 Maximum print width: 1,620 mm (63.7")
DS-1800 Maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8")

Corresponding Ink

Application list

  • Banner
  • Tapestry
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