Added convenient functions

1. Three ink layers in one pass print function

A three-layer print of color, white and color can be performed at one time. The underlay printing of a base layer of white ink in order to reproduce the natural beauty of colors printed on transparent media. Window graphics can be printed with high precision and no multi-pass color registration shift.
*Supports JV400 Series and UJV500

Image of Three ink layers in one pass print function

2. Layout function as desired

There is no longer a layout constraint in the size adjustment or a copy function for the imposition of several jobs. Three ink layers or copied images are freely laid out if print conditions are same. This function reduces the media waste by efficient layout.

3. Muiti-profile, simultaneous printing function

Several profiles that match conditions can be simultaneously printed. This is effective for test output when the profile for a target image quality or color requires multiple "profile" test prints. You can select the best profile after actually investigating such an output.

4. JIG & Template Function

Registration of the template is achieved through a “JIG layout function” parameter in RasterLink6. The designed image can be positioned inside the template layout procedure and positioned for print setup and registration of image file.

JIG & Template Function

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