Maximum output speed of 135 sqm/h (1,453 sq.ft/h)

Incorporates various print modes suitable for any work, ranging from high-speed print with a maximum rate of 135 sqm/h (1,453 sq.ft/h) to practical quality print with output speed of 50 sqm/h (538 sq.ft/h) and finally, quality-oriented enhanced picture quality print speed of 31 sqm/h (333 sq. ft/h). The practical quality mode achieves approximately 130% (*4) higher productivity in comparison with our conventional model (TS300P-1800).
* Comparison using TS55-1800:600x600dpi, 2pass and TS300P-1800:720x720dpi, 4pass, Hi (in the practical quality mode)

About 130% faster print speed than Mimaki conventional model

Option units provide for the achievement of low running cost and long-time continuous operation

Mini jumbo roll unit

This is a feeding unit to load [Mimaki Vision Jet-X] transfer paper with a length of about 2,500m (8,202 ft). Reduces the cost per square meter and shortens the downtime due to media replacement in comparison to smaller transfer paper rolls.

Mini jumbo roll unit

10kg (22 lb) ink supply unit

This is an ink supply unit to set a 10kg (22 lb) ink tank for a single color. Compared with the conventional 2L ink pack, the running cost is much reduced and the downtime due to ink replacement is shortened.
Mimaki user stories

10kg (22 lb) ink supply unit

Extended heater

This is an extended heater installed to the lower part of the standard heater. The heater enhances the ink-drying capability and prevents the "blocking" of medium (caused by still wet ink obstructing the feeding of the media during high-speed print), thus ensuring stable production.

Extended heater

Newly developed heads to ensure high-quality print even at high speed

"MAPS" functionality reduces banding

The "MAPS" functionality providing gradation to printed pass boundaries maintains stable print quality by reducing banding and uneven color. The "TS55-1800" equipped with newly developed heads enables the "MAPS" in the high-speed mode, which has been unavailable so far. The technology allows the simultaneous pursuit of both high speed and high quality.
* MAPS: Mimaki Advanced Pass System


Technologies for uninterrupted reliable printing operation

NCU/NRS: Minimization of downtime

The Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) detects nonfunctioning nozzles and automatically cleans them. If the nozzles fail to operate after cleaning, defective nozzles are replaced by non-defective ones until a technician arrives, and printing is continued. This feature enables uninterrupted print operations and continuous productivity.


Nozzle recovery system by the Single-pass mode (Patent-pending) NEW!

Fill the missing nozzles by enlarging the dots of the adjacent nozzles.
* It gets missing nozzle stripes inconspicuous while printing by the  Single-pass mode.

Nozzle recovery system by the Single-pass mode

More user-friendliness!

Feed correction function by print mode NEW!

Different feed correction values can be applied to each print mode.
Feed correction value for each print mode can be managed by machine setting. It is not necessary to perform feed confirmation for every mode and reduces the work of operator.

The respective correction value is set on selecting a different print mode.

Sophisticated "TxLink4 Lite" RIP software that has been further advanced

A 16-bit rendering realizes beautiful gradation expression.

Rendering upgraded from 8bit to 16bit enables more beautiful gradation expression. (*)
* An 8-bit rendering is used depending on the file format or color space.

16bit Rendering (TxLink4)

Parallel RIP function makes production more efficient.

The RIP process for multiple pieces of print data can be performed in parallel.
* Up to 8 jobs

Parallel RIP function

Variable print function tailored to applications for apparel is provided.

Variable data such as uniform numbers and player names can be directly imported from CSV file to create print jobs. Text can also be processed using methods such as text outline fills and arched text layout.

Variable print function

Spot color inks (light black/fluorescent inks) that enable more beautiful and unique expression

Light black ink enables stunning gray-scale expression.

Because sublimation transfer print uses a high-density black ink, graininess or tone jump may occur in some cases. Light black ink adds to smooth print expression without graininess or tone jump.

Light black ink used

Fluorescent inks enable unique expression.

The demand for fluorescent inks is rising in products such as uniforms and other sports apparel, fashion apparel representing Japanese cute pop culture, and eye-catching bright soft signage. To use fluorescent inks as the complementary colors of process colors, not to mention as spot colors, a multi-color mode (*) is provided. The fluorescent inks complement magenta and yellow to realize brighter colors.
* Only available in TxLink4

Fluorescent inks enable unique expression

Transfer paper enabling long-time continuous operation -- "Mimaki Vision Jet-X"

"Mimaki Vision Jet-X" mini jumbo rolls featuring approximately 2,500 meters (8,202 ft) of transfer paper is scheduled for announcement concurrently with model "TS55-1800".  
When running the "TS55-1800" printer at its maximum speed (135 sqm/h; 1,453 sq.ft/h), a 150 meter (492 ft) roll of transfer paper runs out in approximately 2 hours. The system was therefore incapable of coping with extended continuous operation such as overnight printing in the absence of operators. The combination of "Mimaki Vision Jet-X” and the mini jumbo roll allows for unattended printing for a long time. The mini jumbo roll also contributes to reducing the running cost with lower paper costs per square meter in comparison to normal plotter rolls.

When using "Mimaki Vision Jet-X" mini jumbo roll


TxLink4 Lite or RasterLink6Plus is bundled according to user's request.

TS55-1800 Catalog (4.68MB)


TS55-1800 Maximum print width: 1,940 mm (76.4")
*With mini jumbo roll unit (Option): 1900 mm (74.8")

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