Tx400-1800B [end of support]

High Speed Print / enables fast response times

The print head is arranged in three staggers and eight colors inline arrangement

Three print heads are aligned in stagger, allowing for the high speed printing of about 40m²/h even with the standard print mode.

Print head configuration

Speed Chart


Continuous Print / enables increased productivity

The ink supply system and the media feeding system achieve the stable unattended printing. With the high speed printing, the better productivity is accomplished.


Bulk ink supply system

16 loading slots for 2L ink container each, thus in 4 color mode a maximum of 8L per color is enabled


UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

Mimaki's UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) will automatically switch whenever one ink container is empty to the other ink container of the same color. In addition, operators can exchange the ink containers even when the printer is at work. Therefore UISS enables long continuous print runs.

Media transport system


Belt carrier system enables conveying of stretch materials

■Belt encoder revision function
Uneven conveying of textile substrates can be counteracted by employing the belt encoder revision function. As the connection part of the belt shows a difference in thickness of 0.1 - 0.2 mm, without the belt encoder, this unevenness will usually impact long prints whereby the issue increases. In order to ensure high quality printing the belt encoder revision functionality should be used.


High Quality Print / shows sharp and exact dots with full color depth

Different ink drop sizes (Optional feature)

Ink drop sizes can be selected according to the substrate and the intended design so that sharp and exact reproduction is made possible. *As inkjet drops have a different appearance on different
substrates, please test beforehand and chose the appropriate drop size for each substrate.
High precise drop : For precise fine lines and detailed printings
Standard drop : For standard designs and graphic printings
High density drop : For deep colors and thick substrates, especially with long fibers

Wide Variations / for a broad variety of applications

Color modes

Sb210 sublimation dye ink, Rc210 reactive dye ink, TP250 textile pigment ink





Ink correspondence chart


Tx400-1800B Catalog (1.6MB)


Tx400-1800B Maximum print width: 1,850 mm (72.8")

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